Journey into Undeath part 2

So I have aquired my first Cryxian models and the first thing to say about them has to be my surprise at how very nice they are! I have a min unit of Bane Knights and hot diggety! Very nicely sculpted and very dynamic models they are. People are always to quick to point out the negatives with models, especially older ones like these are. The thin spear shafts are slightly bendy but if you store them right I cannot see any issues. My Temple Flameguard had no such issue and have similarly thin shafts on their spears.

Overall im happy with my decision, though hardly any of my models have actually been sold thus far, swapping my judicator got me a good starter force. Something we have never really had to deal with round here is incorporeal stuff so with Blackbanes Ghost Raiders on the table it should help shuffle anything non-cygnar out of kilter. Cygnar will just throw gunmages my way but there are ways of dealing with them. My plan as it stands is going to be to make 3 armies il not change with the intention of using them in local tourneys to begin with in the 35pt range.

With that in mind I will be taking Cryx to a local tourney this very sunday to see what all the fuss is about. Gaspy1 and denny1 are my weapons of choice, time to see what they can do methinks! Il try doing a report on the tourney if possible as well. In the mean time, I will stroke my moustache evilly with glee until my moment of glory comes!

See you later, after I’ve lost!



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