The Future of Wargaming?

Regardless of your feelings for Kickstarter there can be no denying that it has been something of a revolution for wargaming. The number of games that have sprung up purely because of crowd sourcing means that our wargaming lives are richer and our wallets decidedly poorer. So what could be the next “big thing”? Its been muttered about before that 3d printing is going to cause no end of issues for games companies with copyrighted materials becoming easier than ever to duplicate. I’m not so sure about this as I have seen people create knock-offs without the use of expensive technology (whilst cheaper than it used to be by a long shot, the cost of the 3d printer is still out of the reach of most normal consumers). With the impact of Kickstarter it was hard to see what might be next. Now a new kickstarter has appeared that I think will cause its own revolution. Proxy Wars is, so long as they can get it right, the beginning; the tip of the iceberg.


The general concept is that they have a database of models and parts that you will be able to choose from and create your own models. They have set it up so that all the 3d modelling is done and you can almost just drag and drop parts into place. The 3d models are fully poseable so you can have whatever bizarre posing your heart desires. The detail level is set to the highest possible detail level for this kind of work that excists. All in all it seems very exciting.


Where I feel the real revolution will come (though I admit this will depend on the ultimate cost involved but it has to be lower than the traditional costs) is their intention to allow you to develop your very own miniatures from concept to full delivery of your first models. They will even help you to develop that full blown game you have been dreaming of! The following image will show you better than I can…


This Kickstarter is one that I can see sparking a number of smaller ones as every independant developer out there starts to put together their own game and funds it the Kickstarter way before having these guys, or another company that does the same, produce their miniature concepts ready to be sent off to a casting manufacturer of some kind for greater production numbers. The possibilities leave my mind boggled. Let me know what you think in the comments, is it the start of a revolution? Will you be supporting Proxy Wars?



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