Boy Do I Suck At This…

Blogging. I used to find it quite easy to do regularly. It is well over a year since my last post. Real life does its thing and obstructs all. Since my last post, based on a little look into the chemtrail conspiracy theory, there have been a multitude of changes. Several job changes have occured and recently a large house move to Wales has happened and we are just about settled in at this point. Hobby wise this has meant I have lost my gaming group and regular friday gaming sessions. On the plus side it also means a whole new group to play with and I have graduated from a corner under the stairs for hobbying all the way up to what is effectively a full hobby workshop! As far as games go, the Age of Sigmar situation that was has settled it seems and GW appear to have learned and improved the way they do things, which is refreshing to see from them.

I have the New 40k on order with imperial forces being mustered together in the form of Astra Militarum as well as some Skitarii, I have a marine force assembled for Horus Heresy which will double up as a 40k marine force further expanding my Imperial forces as well as an Imperial knight to bring the heavy hurt. Shadow War Armageddon has been a staple recently and is the reason I have any Skitarii at all. I have started gathering terrain and started building my own gaming table for use in my workshop.

I am presently unemployed and doing the house husband thing again so I’m hopeful I will be able to get the blog running again properly but we will have to see because, as stated already, I’m kinda bad at this.

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