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Boy Do I Suck At This…

Blogging. I used to find it quite easy to do regularly. It is well over a year since my last post. Real life does its thing and obstructs all. Since my last post, based on a little look into the chemtrail conspiracy theory, there have been a multitude of changes. Several job changes have occured and recently a large house move to Wales has happened and we are just about settled in at this point. Hobby wise this has meant I have lost my gaming group and regular friday gaming sessions. On the plus side it also means a whole new group to play with and I have graduated from a corner under the stairs for hobbying all the way up to what is effectively a full hobby workshop! As far as games go, the Age of Sigmar situation that was has settled it seems and GW appear to have learned and improved the way they do things, which is refreshing to see from them.

I have the New 40k on order with imperial forces being mustered together in the form of Astra Militarum as well as some Skitarii, I have a marine force assembled for Horus Heresy which will double up as a 40k marine force further expanding my Imperial forces as well as an Imperial knight to bring the heavy hurt. Shadow War Armageddon has been a staple recently and is the reason I have any Skitarii at all. I have started gathering terrain and started building my own gaming table for use in my workshop.

I am presently unemployed and doing the house husband thing again so I’m hopeful I will be able to get the blog running again properly but we will have to see because, as stated already, I’m kinda bad at this.


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Quite clearly its been a while since I have been able to utilize some decent equipment to allow me to make any kind of post. Now, however I have a chromebook which will allow for much greater regularity on the posting front.

So, what have I been up to? Well quite a lot really. On the Warmachine front its all change.I have moved from Circle Orboros and back into Mercs in the form of the excellent Cephalyx with a growing hive mine to command.I have Pigs in the planning stages, sort of. The Privateer Press forum has a Secret Santa underway that I have joined in with, I requested a Pig Warlock for my prezzy. I will hopefully show what I am painting for this as well as some of my Cephalyx.

Warzone is underway for me as well. Cybertronic being the chosen faction. This has fallen by the wayside though as my group has taken up some historical Bolt Action ….erm…. …action. Japan is where I have gone with this with a sizeable force already assembled and ready for paint. I have also FINALLY picked up some Dropzone Commander via a shared 2 player boxed set. Really struggling with a colour scheme for the Scourge models I have and I have not yet managed to get a game in so I cannot report back on the game itself as yet. Same goes for Bolt Action. Had a try out game with some germans which was not played properly at all!

My man cave is no more. Alas I chose to give it up to become storage space. Got me some brownie points with “She who must be obeyed” at any rate. As a result painting has ground to a halt for the most part.


Something not wargaming related, I have been looking at in my spare time is conspiracy theories. Which is not to say that I necessarily believe any of them. I consider myself open minded enough to not laugh (not always anyway) but I have always been fascinated by the various things out there that people have not explain  or for whatever reason have decided to attach some kind of bizarre explanation to something simple. So I will from time to time post something about a theory that piques my particular interest. Don’t judge me, but do share opinions!

Cryx progresses…







Behold, my fall into Cryxian madness progresses. I am a little behind strictly speaking but have Denny finished and the bases completed this week means that I will then be ahead slightly in the painted model stakes.

Hearing the Call…

Recently my local gaming group decided to start a Journeyman league. Peoples reasons for taking part varied greatly, from wanting to have everyone at the same level for games in terms of faction knowledge, to just wanting to have the motivation to get things painted. Personally I needed (Yes, needed) to have a Warmachine faction, since I already have a Hordes one and this seemed like the perfect way to get it going. I am very much a leaf on the wind. I have a tendancy to go for whatever shiney thing the wind is blowing at at the time, and this was certainly no different for me. The announcement of the Cephalyx coming out was one that definately excited me. They are not out for a while yet so how could I tie in to this now without needing to start a whole new faction? Simple! Go for Cryx! Now I had a cryx army before and I was  not excited at getting it all painted so what to do about this? Enter the theme. During a chat amongst the group on facebook chat we were shown a Cthulhu themed Plague marine force for 40k which looked really good. Seeming this made me think that a Cthulhu themed Cryx army was the way forward. With that in mind I have started on my battlebox and thought I would show the progress I have made with the Cthulian Cryx army…

sorry for those last 2 but you get the idea.


In my attempts to run a blog with regular updates im gonna try to have semi-regular sections about my various hobby goings-on. In view of this decision I thought I’d start with…

My goings on in 15mm scale have been  focussed on an Ork army. Mine are less “Orky” than most, especially vehicle wise but since im not gaming in a 40k universe I decided this was not an issue. First, I have managed to paint a model…


This model is intended to be my Warboss. To lead my Gruntz and vehicles to, if not victory, then at least to war!


This jaunty little number is kitbashed from a Black Hat miniatures Prussian steam tank and a turret from a Khurasan transport vehicle. Super easy conversion and very effective. You see I tried to paint it once, wasn’t happy with it so I sprayed it again. Next up…


Death from above. Armed with missiles and a gatling this bad boy is super effective and rightly feared in my 15mm circles. Its not terribly hard to take it down so it balances out well, testement to the unit building rules of Gruntz. The model is actually a die-cast toy I got from my brother-in-law who was chucking it out. This is the force in full…


2 ten man units, 3 heavy weapon specialists (*cough* Flashgitz *cough*), the Tank and a Scout Buggy. Only thing missing from this picture is the chopper and a 3rd squad of Boyz I bought recently. So, thats where we’re at with the 15mm! Hope you like!


Small Packages…

They say great things come in small Packages, but they never consider if those same small Packages were bigger, you could fit more of the great things in them! With this in mind I have a small review of some 15mm terrain from Mad Mecha Guy…


This package was gloriously large, and opening it has filled my house with the smell of laser cut MDF, something which has caused alarm more than once with my wife checking for burning items about the house. The first thing to state about Mad Mecha Guy stuff is the sheer level of reasonable cost. Compared to a lot of companies, you get a lot for your money. My purchase of the Small Military Base plus some raised walkways, which are not currently part of the catalogue. The service offered is excellent with great communication and, to my never ending surprise, they will do requests for whatever you want! I wanted raised walkways and mentioned this once I found out that he takes suggestions for future products. A few days later and we have collectively settled on a design and price. The small military base set sells for a low price of £20 plus P&P. With my custom walkways the cost was still under £40 and that included P&P!


Not pictured, because it’s not been assembled, are 2 more huts, a vehicle shed, walls, gates and the rest of the raised walkways. This all together means you can very nearly fill a battlefield completely at a budget that will leave your wallet breathing a sigh of relief.

The quality of the stuff is generally very good with little in the amount of cleaning needed. Just a few pieces had not quite cut right but only in the sense that the cut had not gone straight through the wood properly. This is easy enough to clear up with a sharp knife though.

All in all I cannot sing enough praises for Mad Mecha Guy! To have a look at their website, follow the link below:

The Future of Wargaming?

Regardless of your feelings for Kickstarter there can be no denying that it has been something of a revolution for wargaming. The number of games that have sprung up purely because of crowd sourcing means that our wargaming lives are richer and our wallets decidedly poorer. So what could be the next “big thing”? Its been muttered about before that 3d printing is going to cause no end of issues for games companies with copyrighted materials becoming easier than ever to duplicate. I’m not so sure about this as I have seen people create knock-offs without the use of expensive technology (whilst cheaper than it used to be by a long shot, the cost of the 3d printer is still out of the reach of most normal consumers). With the impact of Kickstarter it was hard to see what might be next. Now a new kickstarter has appeared that I think will cause its own revolution. Proxy Wars is, so long as they can get it right, the beginning; the tip of the iceberg.


The general concept is that they have a database of models and parts that you will be able to choose from and create your own models. They have set it up so that all the 3d modelling is done and you can almost just drag and drop parts into place. The 3d models are fully poseable so you can have whatever bizarre posing your heart desires. The detail level is set to the highest possible detail level for this kind of work that excists. All in all it seems very exciting.


Where I feel the real revolution will come (though I admit this will depend on the ultimate cost involved but it has to be lower than the traditional costs) is their intention to allow you to develop your very own miniatures from concept to full delivery of your first models. They will even help you to develop that full blown game you have been dreaming of! The following image will show you better than I can…


This Kickstarter is one that I can see sparking a number of smaller ones as every independant developer out there starts to put together their own game and funds it the Kickstarter way before having these guys, or another company that does the same, produce their miniature concepts ready to be sent off to a casting manufacturer of some kind for greater production numbers. The possibilities leave my mind boggled. Let me know what you think in the comments, is it the start of a revolution? Will you be supporting Proxy Wars?


Kings Of War…

To correspond with Beasts Of War having Kings Of War week (it has nothing to do with their competition, nosiree nothing at all…) I thought I would show you folks out there a little regarding what I have found with Kings Of War. A small review of sorts, plus what my group has done to start playing yet another new game whilst not breaking the bank. So where to start? Well first you should check the videos out on the Beasts of War website as they are full of great info and feature faction breakdowns as well as a battle report to demo the game itself. They will give you a great introduction to the world of Mantica the races there and the game rules. Off you go…


Finished…? Good! So where to start?

First  I will give a small review of the game. I am far from an expert having only played a few games thus far. Many games I spend my evenings on are full of time consuming deploying models, rules checking and removing models from the table etc. I have always found that a 2000pt game of Warhammer fantasy, whilst fun, was always a generally draining experience, sometimes leaving me with a headache once the packing away is done. Kings of War has never had this issue. It may in part be due to us using 10mm models instead of the standard 28mm scale models (more on this later) mainly I feel it is down to the way the game works. Models do not get removed from the table from units taking wounds, this is by itself a removal of uneccesary effort, the rules themselves are very easy to learn whether you have played wargames before or not. Games are brutal affairs with massive handfuls of dice being used to cut swathes through your enemies units. Units or even individual models do not get removed from the table until a unit is routed, at which point the whole unit is removed. Magic is uncomplicated with most spell casters having 1 spell, Zap! which is whatever your mind wants it to be, bolts of lightning, fireballs, whatever.

In short, the game is fast paced, especially for a massed combat game, the rules are easy to pick up, you won’t be drained afterwards, meaning more games are very possible of an evening. The background is based on typical fantasy archetypes but is still different enough to be interesting, the models are attractively designed while remaining within the realms reasonable pricing. Basically there is no reason not to play the game, especially when you can get started at such reasonable prices or even use your existing armies, Mantic are all about you customising your armies to create whatever takes your fancy. Its especially cheap if you…

Use 10mm models…

 photo DSC_0005-6.jpg

 photo DSC_0006-6.jpg

My group being prone to some extent to “Oooh shiney” syndrome means that there is always something new that we want to try out. Usually this is tempered by us not always taking to the same things. Warzone is one that we have all taken interest in, but funds did mean we were unlikely to partake, until one of my group, with more money than he knows what to do with, apparently, dove into the kickstarter and paid for enough starter sets for us to all get involved, once they have arrived and we have played some I will no doubt aim to review it as well. With Kings of War “He of the bottomless wallet” outlined his plans for us to try it using 10mm minis. Again he bought 2 armies to allow the playing of the game. We have converted from inches to centimetres and as you can see 10mm models are surprisingly good.

 photo DSC_0010-6.jpg

I was interested enough to invest in my own 10mm army and have thus far bought 2000pts of Twilight Kin models in 10mm (sold as Dark elves, pictured here) at a cost of £46! We now have what amounts to a “Travel” wargames table laid out in centimetres rather than inches and unit base sizes have been converted as best we can. What results is a delightful game ready to be expanded to have massive armies across normal sized tables! At this point I am unsure what else there is to say on Kings of War, I have found it to be a worthy replacement for Warhammer Fantasy and since it is now 3am my brain is not functioning well enough for me to type effectively any longer. So… Buy Kings of War!



As I am sure all will have noticed by now there has been little activity from me over the summer months on the blog. I have managed to get some painting done and have also made a myriad of plans. (Who among us hasn’t?) So what has been going on? Well 15mm has been featuring heavily in my gaming life as my group seeks to affordably satiate our SciFi based desires. 

15mm models are one of the cheapest way of going. most games can convert with little adjustment to 15mm scale. most only need a little adjustment to the movement rules (I.E reduce 40k movement from 6 inches to 4 inches for infantry) In our case Gruntz is fulfilling our needs nicely. I find myself collecting a lot of models! and planning more in the upcoming months (such as my birthday! *Hint Hint*) I’ll throw some pictures up as soon as I can of the 15mm Khurasan Federal Troops I have painted. I think I’ll write an article about the differences in painting this smaller scale that I have encountered as it is a very different beast to 28-32mm that I am used to with 40k in the past and Warmachine more recently. Its easier to get good looking results for a start.

From my groups fantasy standpoint, Kings of War has been the flavour of the month, only we have gone travel sized and are using 10mm models with a conversion from inches to centimetres. My wargaming host has even constructed a table to scale! I’ll get some pictures of this as well as the Dark Elf army (or Twilight Kin if you prefer) army i am constructing for it. Again, cheapness is very much the main draw, with a 2000pt army costing around the £35 mark! 

As far as plans for the blog go, i think i will be returning to the roots of why i started it originally, not that you’ll find it on this one but in a previous blog there was more than just wargaming! I will write opinion pieces on the political news that piques my interest or fuels my anger and will happily host any wargamer that would like to chip in their own views and articles on what has gotten them steamed up. Lets face it, Politics effects all of us whether we like it or not. I will also spout off about other news pieces that illicit a strong enough train of thought from me and again, will happily allow others to do the same. I doubt these will be Wargaming related ever at all but you never know your luck. With my new job I should have enough time to write some stuff at various times, like now, as I sit in a quiet office waiting alone for something to happen.

Anyway. Happy birthday to me.


Watch “WARMACHINE: Tactics Kickstarter — Privateer Press Interactive” on YouTube

Here is a new video regarding the forthcoming Warmachine Tactics videogame. Funded through Kickstarter in 2 days flat this game has promise, but I lack a machine I can play it on presently. Therefore my interest lies with the limited edition alt. Sculpt models being offered for new Journeyman characters being released as part of the next Warmachine book, Vengeance as well as the first ever caster to be released as both “prime” and “epic” versions at the same time and the first ever faction change! He starts as a Noble Cygnaran, then he snuff it and joins Cryx! Full stats are released through a No Quarter Extra made for the kickstarter and all over the Privateer Press Forums. Check the video then check he Kickstarter @!