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The Future of Wargaming?

Regardless of your feelings for Kickstarter there can be no denying that it has been something of a revolution for wargaming. The number of games that have sprung up purely because of crowd sourcing means that our wargaming lives are richer and our wallets decidedly poorer. So what could be the next “big thing”? Its been muttered about before that 3d printing is going to cause no end of issues for games companies with copyrighted materials becoming easier than ever to duplicate. I’m not so sure about this as I have seen people create knock-offs without the use of expensive technology (whilst cheaper than it used to be by a long shot, the cost of the 3d printer is still out of the reach of most normal consumers). With the impact of Kickstarter it was hard to see what might be next. Now a new kickstarter has appeared that I think will cause its own revolution. Proxy Wars is, so long as they can get it right, the beginning; the tip of the iceberg.


The general concept is that they have a database of models and parts that you will be able to choose from and create your own models. They have set it up so that all the 3d modelling is done and you can almost just drag and drop parts into place. The 3d models are fully poseable so you can have whatever bizarre posing your heart desires. The detail level is set to the highest possible detail level for this kind of work that excists. All in all it seems very exciting.


Where I feel the real revolution will come (though I admit this will depend on the ultimate cost involved but it has to be lower than the traditional costs) is their intention to allow you to develop your very own miniatures from concept to full delivery of your first models. They will even help you to develop that full blown game you have been dreaming of! The following image will show you better than I can…


This Kickstarter is one that I can see sparking a number of smaller ones as every independant developer out there starts to put together their own game and funds it the Kickstarter way before having these guys, or another company that does the same, produce their miniature concepts ready to be sent off to a casting manufacturer of some kind for greater production numbers. The possibilities leave my mind boggled. Let me know what you think in the comments, is it the start of a revolution? Will you be supporting Proxy Wars?


Watch “WARMACHINE: Tactics Kickstarter — Privateer Press Interactive” on YouTube

Here is a new video regarding the forthcoming Warmachine Tactics videogame. Funded through Kickstarter in 2 days flat this game has promise, but I lack a machine I can play it on presently. Therefore my interest lies with the limited edition alt. Sculpt models being offered for new Journeyman characters being released as part of the next Warmachine book, Vengeance as well as the first ever caster to be released as both “prime” and “epic” versions at the same time and the first ever faction change! He starts as a Noble Cygnaran, then he snuff it and joins Cryx! Full stats are released through a No Quarter Extra made for the kickstarter and all over the Privateer Press Forums. Check the video then check he Kickstarter @!

We Are The Champions My Friends


Long overdue for a resculpt, the new Trollkin Champions continue the trend towards plastic models from Privateer. Makes me pleased I haven’t got any yet. These will mean a lighter bag and models that look beefy enough to be the champs they are.


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Lets…. Converge

Privateer press releases some mechanical goodies for all….






Never Say Die!

Greetings Komrades! Today I bring news from the motherland! Spartan Games have today revealed information regarding the Tsars new toys…

Foreigners often assume that the Russian military is frivolous with its resources when carrying out military operations. This is, however, a mistaken view. The gratuitous waste of the Tsar’s soldiers is looked at with great disapproval by his Oprichnik agents, for in effect it is a crime against the Tsar himself. Officers with a reputation as butchers of men are quickly removed from their posts.

Russian Coalition Tyumen Class Repair VehicleRussian Coalition Tyumen Class Repair Vehicle

However, an even harsher fate awaits those who also squander precious equipment. Conscript soldiers are relatively easy for the White Army to replace. But its tanks and other armoured vehicles are a vitally important resource whose loss takes much more time and effort to make good. The Oprichnina, the Tsar’s personal interior guard, are ruthlessly efficient in their elimination of the incompetent and inefficient from positions of importance in the Russian military hierarchy.

The concept of mobile armoured repair stations is not a new one to the Russians. The logistical problems of maintenance during offensive actions were first identified by the Stavka, the Coalition’s combined military General Staff, after the White Army’s after its experience during the Russian war against the Chinese back in the 1840s.

The Tyumen Repair Vehicle, which entered service in 1863, represents the ultimate development of this technology. It is equipped with an extensive array of cranes, winches and tools, all incorporated into its structure. It also carries a dedicated crew of mechanics and engineers, a considerable amount of supplies and materials, and a small array of weaponry for self-defence.

A battle-damaged Kursk Land Dreadnought receives some welcome assistance from the Repair VehiclesA battle-damaged Kursk Land Dreadnought receives some welcome assistance from the Repair Vehicles

The Tyumen makes it possible for maintenance facilities to be brought right up to the front line. White Army field repair crews are renowned for their bravery and unstinting dedication, often carrying out complex procedures while under heavy enemy fire.

Every vehicle patched up on the front lines is one that can be returned to action all the quicker. This allows the Shock Armies to carry out operations more effectively than if they had to send large amounts of equipment to rear-area repair shops. Tyumen crews are even capable of patching up damage to Land Ships and larger machines of war.

The Tyumen’s value is well appreciated. Every Armoured Battle Brigade has an autonomous Repair Detachment under the direct authority of its commander. Individual Tank and Artillery regiments often have an additional company of the machines integrated into their organisation. Russian officers can thus be confident of keeping their fighting power up to strength, allowing the Shock Armies to roll onwards unhindered for the greater glory of the Rodina.

Russian Coalition Tyumen Class Repair Vehicle

Russian Coalition Tyumen Class Repair Vehicle

A Word From The Designer
Creating special models is always one of the highlights when designing a new fleet; matching out the existing ship rosters is fun, but models that have no analogue are the ones that require the most creative effort and, therefore, are the most satisfying to see finished.

Beside the vast array of mechanical contraptions bent to the vile arts of destruction and mayhem, the Tyumen Repair Vehicle represents a bold new era for the battlefields of Dystopian Wars: attrition carries less meaning when one side can gradually recover from the damage inflicted upon them.

We decided early to use the concept for the Tsar tank as a template for the Russian Coalition’s smallest tanks, as its unique shape would be impractical for us to produce on a larger scale. Specials however, are special, and as a designer it lets us break a few of our little rules. Here the Tsar layout made so much sense: the large wheels fit around the injured vehicle and clamp in place, allowing the massive crane to do its business. The Tyumen became part Tsar tank and part dockside, meaning we finished with something truly unique.

In an effort to encourage the (relative) realism of these massive mechanical contraptions, we have created the illusion that the model is in motion. This has been achieved by emphasising huge, moving parts that even on a static model seem to be ready and poised to break into motion. You can almost hear the resounding clatter of steel grating on steel. The time dilation orb’s closing top is one of our favourite examples of this, and on the Tyumen we had to do the same.

The two outer wheeled sections widen on the central ratchet to envelop the damaged vehicle, or narrow for a more stable drive on its own. It helps with the Tyumen that the model allows you to assemble it in either position, and if you have a spare tank handy you can even put it into action and sculpt on the damage and the crane at work on it.

The Tyumen Repair Vehicles roam the battlefield, tending to any damaged White Army comradesThe Tyumen Repair Vehicles roam the battlefield, tending to any damaged White Army comrades

To War!
Relying on the formidable durability of their heaviest vehicles, White Army Commanders find the Tyumen Class Repair Vehicle an invaluable asset.

Their role is simple – the Tyumen roll forward at the back of the Russian formation, keeping within easy reach of their allies whilst still shielded from incoming ordnance. Then, if one of the White Army Land Ships or Land Dreadnoughts begins to suffer from enemy fire, they will dispatch their repair crews to patch up the damage and keep the vehicle in fighting order.

If a Land Ship begins to take serious damage, one of the Tyumen will move in close to aid repairs with its heavy duty equipment. This allows the repair teams to more easily restore crippled systems to working order, but risks exposing the Tyumen to incoming fire.

Knowing that these fragile vehicles will attract enemy attention, the Tyumen are fitted with light weaponry. However, these are very much a last resort as bringing them to bear means exposing the Squadron to concentrated return fire.

Dropzone Commander first look reviews…


The guys from 6 Inch Move, The Shell Case and myself were invited by the wonderful Dave Lewis, of Hawk Wargames fame, to his personal bunker on the 23rd June to try the game out for ourselves and maybe even have a little input into it, as they are still in the closing stages of playtesting the rules. (Worry ye not those that think there is not enough time for the book to be ready for the release date, there is a deal with the printers for a rapid print run.)

Unfortunately due to a family emergency I was not able to attend. To say this was gutting would be understating it massively. However My good friend Phil of The Shell Case with one of “The Chaps”, his gaming group, and 2 people from 6 inch move went along and spent a whole day trying the game as it presently stands and gave a little feedback and made some suggestions to boot. They have both respectively posted on their blogs regarding this so I encourage you to check out both. It is interesting that they both use the same game to compare Dropzone Commander to, having never previously met and not really communicated in a big way since going. Needless to say that they are good reads and should have you salivating for the release of the game!


6 Inch Move Post is here.

First post from The Shellcase is here.

With a follow up post here!


6 Inch move have also featured all the pre-order army deals for Dropzone Commander on their blog so why not check those out as well to see the goodies for yourselves!

Hawk Is Go…

Good news comrades! Dave from Hawk Wargames has fully launched the website for his much anticipated Dropzone Commander game. Pre-orders are available now! Not only that but Dave spent a full day yesterday answering some of the pressing questions some of you had and has today updated the FAQ section of his site with them. Check it out at Alternatively over on 6inch Move they have the whole entire session here!


I have already pre-ordered myself the rulebook so I can pour over it and start saving the cash to spend spend spend!

Privateer Press goes Extreme…


With the Extreme Carnivean!

I’m not usually a fan of Legion beasts but damn! that’s nice!

Next we have a long awaited and well deserving resculpt…


And thats it for now. I won’t bother with lock and load spoilers as they are all over the place anyway!

Dropzone Commander Delayed

Comrades, sad news. Hawk Wargames have announced that due to various circumstances they have had to delay the website launch and subsequently game release day, by 1 week. A press release was sent to me and I have included it here with permission of Hawk Wargames to help get word out…


Hi everyone!

I know this is something no one wants to hear, but we need to delay the launch of the full Hawk Wargames site by 7 days. This is due to a number of reasons (not all bad though!):


– Final assembly of the site is taking a little longer than expected, since we’re working on extra content.

– We’ve been making several improvements to our line after user feedback, as well as adding extra army deals (There will be three for each race).

– Simply keeping up with the overwhelming response from Salute has taken a while, but this is no bad thing!


We’re working our hearts out to ensure that the site does not disappoint. Hopefully you’ll agree that taking the time to get it right was worth the wait when you see it!


The site will now open for Dropzone Commander pre-orders on June 8th, to ship July 23rd (since this delay has a knock-on effect to our schedule). In the meantime, the daily previews will keep coming!

Thanks for your patience and apologies for the short delay,


– Dave Lewis


I urge all comrades to be supportive of Dave and his crew. They have been going flat out to get this game out to you. Lets face it, one more week, to help ensure all is as good as it can be is no hardship at all. In the mean time, here are a couple more previews of light dropships…



Hawk Wargames show us the good stuff…


Comrades! In this batch my particular favorite would have to be the Scourge Desolator, described as being equipped with a deadly Ion storm generator (deadly to friend and foe alike) it certainly looks the part. I’m sure I’ve seen it a film somewhere, or something similar. I just love its portentuous looks.


The increasing anticipation of this game is just phenominal.