Battlefleet Gothic Scratch Build – Space Dock

50 shades of Epic!


All the fun Phil and Matt have been having with their X-Wing adventures has inspired me to do something of my own relating to star ships and space battles, although rather than Star Wars being my theatre of war I returned to one of my favourite games – Battle Fleet Gothic.

I’m lucky enough to own a sizeable Imperial fleet with every ship in the Rulebook represented at least once, along with a decent supporting fleet of Space Marines, but something I never invested in was the array of orbital defences and installations that were available at the time. The problem with correcting this regret is with Battlefleet Gothic models no longer available from Games Workshop, the second-hand market is the only way to now obtain these models – and with some of the rarer kits selling for eye watering prices this isn’t always a viable option. An example is…

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In my attempts to run a blog with regular updates im gonna try to have semi-regular sections about my various hobby goings-on. In view of this decision I thought I’d start with…

My goings on in 15mm scale have been  focussed on an Ork army. Mine are less “Orky” than most, especially vehicle wise but since im not gaming in a 40k universe I decided this was not an issue. First, I have managed to paint a model…


This model is intended to be my Warboss. To lead my Gruntz and vehicles to, if not victory, then at least to war!


This jaunty little number is kitbashed from a Black Hat miniatures Prussian steam tank and a turret from a Khurasan transport vehicle. Super easy conversion and very effective. You see I tried to paint it once, wasn’t happy with it so I sprayed it again. Next up…


Death from above. Armed with missiles and a gatling this bad boy is super effective and rightly feared in my 15mm circles. Its not terribly hard to take it down so it balances out well, testement to the unit building rules of Gruntz. The model is actually a die-cast toy I got from my brother-in-law who was chucking it out. This is the force in full…


2 ten man units, 3 heavy weapon specialists (*cough* Flashgitz *cough*), the Tank and a Scout Buggy. Only thing missing from this picture is the chopper and a 3rd squad of Boyz I bought recently. So, thats where we’re at with the 15mm! Hope you like!


Pushing the Edges by Gav Thorpe

GAV THORPE! *swoon*


I was going to write a fairly snarky post about some of the childish, narrow-minded, reactions in the community to the announcement of the Storm of Vengeance mobile videogame. On reflection I decided that rather than challenging one of the less desirable traits of the wargames community (or parts of it) I thought I’d go for a celebration of something altogether more positive.

With that said, I have to start with something of a lament, but I’ll keep it brief. From a design point of view, there are a lot of companies treading the same road and bringing out the same stuff that has dominated the sci-fi and fantasy miniatures market for the last couple of decades. A lot of it is either influenced by Games Workshop or more blatantly trying to cash-in on their worlds. As a business model I have my doubts about this, but it’s from the…

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Broken Zealot Goes Mobile Painting

Miniature Musings of a Bear

For anyone travelling away with the missus and trying to take some painting with you are not allowed your whole set up, then head on over to Broken Zealot.

As he shows some neat little ways to reduce the space you will need AND also sneak it past the other half 😉

Broken Zealot Painting Blog: Mobile Painting Kit.

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Small Packages…

They say great things come in small Packages, but they never consider if those same small Packages were bigger, you could fit more of the great things in them! With this in mind I have a small review of some 15mm terrain from Mad Mecha Guy…


This package was gloriously large, and opening it has filled my house with the smell of laser cut MDF, something which has caused alarm more than once with my wife checking for burning items about the house. The first thing to state about Mad Mecha Guy stuff is the sheer level of reasonable cost. Compared to a lot of companies, you get a lot for your money. My purchase of the Small Military Base plus some raised walkways, which are not currently part of the catalogue. The service offered is excellent with great communication and, to my never ending surprise, they will do requests for whatever you want! I wanted raised walkways and mentioned this once I found out that he takes suggestions for future products. A few days later and we have collectively settled on a design and price. The small military base set sells for a low price of £20 plus P&P. With my custom walkways the cost was still under £40 and that included P&P!


Not pictured, because it’s not been assembled, are 2 more huts, a vehicle shed, walls, gates and the rest of the raised walkways. This all together means you can very nearly fill a battlefield completely at a budget that will leave your wallet breathing a sigh of relief.

The quality of the stuff is generally very good with little in the amount of cleaning needed. Just a few pieces had not quite cut right but only in the sense that the cut had not gone straight through the wood properly. This is easy enough to clear up with a sharp knife though.

All in all I cannot sing enough praises for Mad Mecha Guy! To have a look at their website, follow the link below:

Will This Game Let You Play In A Galactic-Sized Sandbox?


The 2013 Spike VGX Awards saw a huge show-stealer in the form of the “No Man’s Sky” trailer. Claiming that “all footage captured in real-time” and that “every planet procedural”, the trailer captured the attention of the audience as you proceeded from swimming at the bottom of the ocean to going to shore before climbing into a parked spaceship nearby and taking off.

Right into goddamn space.

That’s right: there is no sky box in place to stop you should you ever decided to do good on Professor Farnsworth’s words and just don’t want to live on that planet anymore, and HOLY SHIT!! The implications of THAT could be pants-crappingly AWESOME! Kotaku has compiled a list of tidbits from all over the Internet to further shed more light onto the game itself, but one thing we know for sure at this point: this game could easily blow Minecraft right…

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Godslayer Banebrood Reavers – A Review


GodslayerFollowing on from my review of the Troglodyte starter set for Godslayer by Megalith Games, I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on some of the new Banebrood Reavers. Because I’m just that lucky. And I nag the guys at Megalith. A lot. But they’re good sports and let me have a few ahead of release.


The Banebrood, just so everyone’s on the same page, are, well, savages. A civilisation, if the term can be used, of bestial creatures and twisted men all of whom would be very much at home in the annals of myth and horror. Maybe Pans Labyrinth. Only scarier. When I first stumbled across Godslayer I was struck by how interested I was in all the factions/forces/armies/whatever. The Banebrood starter set looked like they were lifted from the pages of Greek myth. Which is cool. But the contrast between them and the Reavers

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Episode 6 – A Cub episode

Kill Innocent Bystanders From The Comfort of Your Mobile Devices

Looking forward to this release!


Rockstar announced that they are going to port their rags-to-riches-via-truckloads-of-bullets tale, “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas”, to both the Android and Apple’s iDevices come December 2013. Oh, wonderful! Now you can suffer the same frustration of trying to catch up with that goddamn train with even MORE wonkier controls than ever!

Regardless of my hatred towards the Train Mission and how much touch controls are just going to make me loathe the mission even more, this definitely speaks a lot on how far technology has came along since the sunny days of 2004. To think that one day I would be able to squish clueless pedestrians with a cement truck or advocate senseless gang violence or commit to some “hot coffee” good time, all through the comfort of my own cellphone, why, that just makes me feel very proud as a gamer and a fan of technology, y’know?

*sniff* Sorry…

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Hero Quest on Kickstarter


Twenty-four years ago I was introduced to a game that would catapult me into worlds and galaxies that I never could have dreamed possible and a fascination, passion and hobby that has endured all this time and lead to this very site being created. I refer to Hero Quest…

Well Gamezone Miniatures have somehow managed to get permission to produce a 25th anniversary edition of the game which is now up on Kickstarter!

heroquestnewI’m so excited about this that it almost made me break my ‘no pledge’ policy. It’s already smashed it’s target but I urge you all to go take a look and pledge what you can. This game inspired a generation of children to take the first steps into wargaming. Wouldn’t it be incredible if it could do it all over again?

Here’s the video from Kickstarter. And just FYI, I remember the TV spot it opens with…

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