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Cryx progresses…







Behold, my fall into Cryxian madness progresses. I am a little behind strictly speaking but have Denny finished and the bases completed this week means that I will then be ahead slightly in the painted model stakes.


Hearing the Call…

Recently my local gaming group decided to start a Journeyman league. Peoples reasons for taking part varied greatly, from wanting to have everyone at the same level for games in terms of faction knowledge, to just wanting to have the motivation to get things painted. Personally I needed (Yes, needed) to have a Warmachine faction, since I already have a Hordes one and this seemed like the perfect way to get it going. I am very much a leaf on the wind. I have a tendancy to go for whatever shiney thing the wind is blowing at at the time, and this was certainly no different for me. The announcement of the Cephalyx coming out was one that definately excited me. They are not out for a while yet so how could I tie in to this now without needing to start a whole new faction? Simple! Go for Cryx! Now I had a cryx army before and I was  not excited at getting it all painted so what to do about this? Enter the theme. During a chat amongst the group on facebook chat we were shown a Cthulhu themed Plague marine force for 40k which looked really good. Seeming this made me think that a Cthulhu themed Cryx army was the way forward. With that in mind I have started on my battlebox and thought I would show the progress I have made with the Cthulian Cryx army…

sorry for those last 2 but you get the idea.

Watch “WARMACHINE: Tactics Kickstarter — Privateer Press Interactive” on YouTube

Here is a new video regarding the forthcoming Warmachine Tactics videogame. Funded through Kickstarter in 2 days flat this game has promise, but I lack a machine I can play it on presently. Therefore my interest lies with the limited edition alt. Sculpt models being offered for new Journeyman characters being released as part of the next Warmachine book, Vengeance as well as the first ever caster to be released as both “prime” and “epic” versions at the same time and the first ever faction change! He starts as a Noble Cygnaran, then he snuff it and joins Cryx! Full stats are released through a No Quarter Extra made for the kickstarter and all over the Privateer Press Forums. Check the video then check he Kickstarter @!

Tourney into undeath (Geddit?)

So on sunday 23rd I attended a local tournement dragging my fledgling Cryx force in the shape of Denegrha1 and Asphyxious1 crammed with the bits I had. Seems Cryx suites me some. (Shut up Dave! Cryx is as Easy button as your Legion!…O.o) The lists  I took were as follows:

Full Blackbanes Ghost Raiders
Minimum Bane Knights
Pistol Wraith
Pistol Wraith
Warwitch Siren
Madelyn Corbeau

Asphyxious 1
Withershadow Combine
Bane lord Tartarous
minimum Bane Knights
Saxon Orrick
Warwitch Siren
Pistol Wraith
Pistol Wraith

My first game was versus a chap called Iain and his Circle, EKaya was the chosen enemy. Incursion was the scenario. I was immediately in trouble, my spells couldn’t be used due to stupid druids. Fortunately my opponent committed his forces to 1 of the far flags, where Denny was more centrally placed. He swamped his nearest flag which disappeared and denny had the speed to reach the other far flag while my army got in the way/his army was to far away to do anything about it. Casting my mind back, I dont think I killed much, I got 4 army points, but the required 5 cp’s to take the game. One plus to this game was that, I was able to use Madelyn to Seduction a Skinwalker over 2 turns and make him hack up his comrades! He never killed any but he put some damage in and turned the wrong way, which is always fun!

My second game was versus Retribution against James Harrison, a chap I faced last at the previous tourney. Something I clearly have to work at selecting the right army for the job. I knew he was packing Rayvn and Ossyan so rather than choosing my stealthed caster, stealth being something that Retribution really struggles with, I chose Gaspy. He chose Rayvn, so I spent this game terrified of Snipe-Feat-Go. As a result Gasy never really got involved. My arc nodes got wiped out and my idea of parasiting the Mage Hunter Strike Force and using the POW 5’s from Gaspys feat to wipe them out was doomed. I also forgot to activate one of my Pistol Wraiths for one turn which turned out to be crucial as the Pheonix across from it would likely have been Death Chilled, preventing him from combusting over my Bane Knights and wiping them out which meant that flank collapsed. I cleared away his halberdiers but couldn’t prevent Rayvn from dominating the wierd scenario we had, which was 2 zones and 2 objectives that make casters immune to continuous effects. In the end Gaspy did get to feat on the Mage hunter strike force, needing 7’s to kill and failed to hurt any. My warwitch siren was able to seduction Narn as well, unfortunately he missed the target mage hunter I sent him at.

My 3rd game was against my other faction, Trollbloods, and Madrak was the flavour along with Horthol, full Longrider cav and full fennblades. I chose denny this time, though I felt I could have taken either, I wanted Blackbane to be useful in a game and he and his crew really shined for me in this one. Hardly any magical weapons meant my SPD 7 incorporeal pirates were basically impossible to deal with. They tied up the fennblades and completely neutered them. Dan Melia, my opponent, flanked with Horthol on one side and the Longriders on the other, Horthol had to take an extremely long route to avoid blackbanes lads, since he can’t hurt them either and the longriders were behind a forest I was able to move through with impunity so I ignored them as well. My feat turn saw the death of the 1 beast he had, fennblades further neutered and Crippling Grasped, and all set for the assassination next turn. Dan had little option but to go for an assassination himself since Denny was fairly close, it was full of movement shenanigans and a joy to watch but wasn’t sufficient. In the end I was able to kove away and Parasite him before having my remaining Bane Knights finish him off. Again, Madelyn was able to get off a seduction, this time a Fellcaller went off to try kill Jannissa but failed to hit, still, I’m loving Seduction shenanigans and coupled with Dennys Influence spell, I’m hoping to assassinate a caster with their own models soon!

My final game was against a Merc player whose name escapes me. He chose to rock MacBain! With a Galleon and the scenario was the one with 2 circular zones. I rocked Gaspy for this one as hitting wasn’t going to be an issue, and there were some steelheads that looked ripe for becoming Bane Knights! There was no going for scenario in this game, I had a slayer helljack face off against wrongeye and snapjaw with a bull snapper, it tied them all up long enough for Tartarous to make some Banes, which were able to be placed to move around Galleon and charge MacBain, after one of my pistol Wraiths got close enough to sften him up from a flank. Despite its fearsome firepower I was able to largely ignore the Galleon, even Deathchilled it once and he moved rather than fired.

So at the end of the day, I had played 4 games and won 3, lost 1. Thats my best record yet. As much as I’d like to think my skill took me through, it was a big dose of luck, with a little skill, and possibly some Cryxian doings as well. It was a good time had by all and im looking forward to rounding out my Cryxian forces and taking something I choose to built rather than just using what I have.

I thank my opponents for the enjoyable games and The Guardians Of Tyr for running the event for us, I have booked a space on the next though I have no idea if I can make it, so that should say something.


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Journey into Undeath part 2

So I have aquired my first Cryxian models and the first thing to say about them has to be my surprise at how very nice they are! I have a min unit of Bane Knights and hot diggety! Very nicely sculpted and very dynamic models they are. People are always to quick to point out the negatives with models, especially older ones like these are. The thin spear shafts are slightly bendy but if you store them right I cannot see any issues. My Temple Flameguard had no such issue and have similarly thin shafts on their spears.

Overall im happy with my decision, though hardly any of my models have actually been sold thus far, swapping my judicator got me a good starter force. Something we have never really had to deal with round here is incorporeal stuff so with Blackbanes Ghost Raiders on the table it should help shuffle anything non-cygnar out of kilter. Cygnar will just throw gunmages my way but there are ways of dealing with them. My plan as it stands is going to be to make 3 armies il not change with the intention of using them in local tourneys to begin with in the 35pt range.

With that in mind I will be taking Cryx to a local tourney this very sunday to see what all the fuss is about. Gaspy1 and denny1 are my weapons of choice, time to see what they can do methinks! Il try doing a report on the tourney if possible as well. In the mean time, I will stroke my moustache evilly with glee until my moment of glory comes!

See you later, after I’ve lost!


Here be Dragons! Privateer Press releases…

First in this small post we have very nice models for Asphyxious 3 and Vociferon…

 Great looking as Gaspy always is!

Then Legion got some shizzle as well…

Something many Legion players have been looking forward to!

More Privateer Press Releases inbound

It won’t DIE! the…       No, I won’t do it.

More from Privateer Press…

An absolute acre of plastic fantastic from Privateer today. Boxsets galore! First up are the Cryxian “crabjacks”. These three will all feature in a multi-part plastic box set like all the other plastic Jacks thus far released and will mean you can now field your Desecrators…

Next up we have the new starter battle boxes for Hordes. How the models appear is down to personal taste but I think they all look fine…

On the subject of Skorne releases, We have the (presumably) plastic Cyclops Raider and looks VERY similar to the plastic Savages above…

Then we have the last of the mulit-part plastic heavy warbeast kits, Titans!

As a slight difference to the other heavy kits these all look really nice. I cannot tell for sure but I think the Sentry is the same as the metal kit, otherwise I don’t think the remaining ones look better or worse, whereas the others seem to have one better, one the same and one worse. Privateer may be moving into another mad releases schedule which keep us all busy and hurts the wallets like hell!


Privateer Press updates…

Today a little more detail on Warmachine: Colossals. Mercilesly ripped from The Lost Hemisphere

Cygnar Get this little beauty, named Stormwall. Honking great cannons, Armpit Miniguns and…

…Electric Torpedoes!

Rampant speculation aboud as to what they do!.

Khador gets Conquest. It is a monster.

Lovely artwork. My only gripe here is the winterguard in the full picture are looking away from the empress for some reason…?

…It is as wide as the Legion battle engine is tall… Just, good god!

Menites get artwork only at present for Judicator

…Flamethrowers and missiles. But of course.

Cryx get a wierd thing…

…Called Kraken. I don’t really like the look of it.

Retribution get this beast, Hyperion

…Massive wrist blades = Win so far as I’m concerned.

Privateer Shocker! Mercs count as a faction!

Galleon. Not much is known about it. But Rhulics can’t have it.

Finnally there was a cheeky sneak of what is thought to be the Trollblood equivilent of a colossal. Seems Mulg wasn’t the biggest Troll afterall.


Catching up on Privateer new and upcoming releases I bring you first, something of a surprise…

Black Dragon Iron Fang Pikemen Officer and Standard! This is the first ever alternate UA Privateer have released and opens the gates for more to come! These are only available from the Privateer Press online store and the blister has alternate shields for the Iron Fangs as well as an alternate banner and cards. You will need an Iron Fang Pikemen unit and the standard unit attachment to use these. They are already available!

Next it this most terrifying of light warjacks. I for one am not looking forward to having a bunch of these leaping towards me and evaporating my infantry!

Next we have the following Bodgers releases…

Heap is the madcap game of vehicular mayhem where the player who cobbles together the most outrageous vehicles wins!

Each player plays a gang of crazed goblins that have traveled across the post-apocalyptic wasteland in broken-down vehicles to converge on a gigantic heap of long-discarded scrap – perfect ingredients for demented automotive modification. In arena-style bouts, each gang selects its champion driver to storm the heap and duke it out for the best parts to upgrade their vehicles. Be first to trick out your vehicles and dominate the final pileup to rule the heap!

Infernal Contraption is a fun-fueled stand-alone card game of mechanical mayhem for 2-4 players where goblin bodgers race to assemble their nigh-uncontrollable machines of mass consumption!

In this newly revised and expanded edition, you assume the role of a goblin bodger scrambling to construct a maniacal machine that will consume the resources of the other bodgers. This edition also includes cards from theInfernal Contraption: Sabotage!Expansion, so throw a wrench in your opponents’ plans and watch the resulting madness!

Thats it for now! Keep checking back as I will post other stuff I come across if I can

OMFG!! Did not see that coming….

So as the video above will testify, Colossals are coming. They are giant Warjacks. They will have Focus, be part of a battlegroup, be effected by battlegroup spells etc. They can make Power Attacks, and will have 2 more!

Holy Hell!