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Spartan Blog updates galore!

A massive stream of stuff has come from those lovely chaps over at Spartan Games. They have given a preview of some of the goodness that is to come from Studio Sparta for Dystopian Legions! Feast your eyes…

Colonel Samuel H. MacDonald

Yes, the Britannians can be lead by an old guy in a Steam powered Wheelchair and indeed, why not?

The world of Dystopian Wars appears to be a very inclusive one, Wheelchairs and prosthetics are clearly an advantage in the officer classes!

Germanic, steam powered, Mini-gun equipped, terminators FTW!

This man has yet to earn his prosthesis

Tesla Bayonettes. Win


More Yankees!

Yankee Officer!

I like them, but the guns seem a little small, un-American to utilize a stereotype.

Kingdom of Britannia Knights Templar

For England, Harry and St. George! Knight Templar = Yum!

Empire of the Blazing Sun Ryuma Steambike

Very possibly my favourite of the bunch. Samarai Steambike! Sounds like an ’80s cartoon!

Check out the spartan blog for more information on all of those as well as this…

The Fresnel Class Support Cruiser is a new and terrible weapon that has only recently been encountered amongst the fleets of the Frozen South.

The warship is, in most respects of a conventional design, if you can ever call a ship of the Covenant Ghost Fleet in any way conventional. However, the rather considerable exception to this is the energy weapon mounted atop the its spine.

Fresnel Class Support Cruiser

Fresnel Class Support Cruiser

From what can been gathered from photographic aeroplanes, this weapon is far more than a mere up-scaled energy weapon. Upon closer inspection one will see that the objects along the broadsides are not the unusual gun-spheres, but some kind of strange electrical apparatus. Likewise, the great turret atop the ship is not as it appears, whilst it has clearly been seen firing beams of radiant energy, it is not an energy turret, but a great, articulated assembly of lenses.

Fresnel Class Support Cruiser

The only rational conclusion that can be drawn with these facts is that the Fresnel is nothing less than a water-borne focusing array for Covenant Energy Weapons. The beams fired from other vessels entering the ship by its sides, before being focused, refined and amplified into a single attack, far more powerful than the sum of its parts.

Annonnax Class Submersible

Annonnax Class Submersible

The Annonnax is without any doubt one of the strangest, most inconceivable and technologically advanced machines yet seen to come out of the Covenant of Antarctica.

Annonnax Class Submersible

The fighting machine’s existence has only been confirmed in the past few weeks, with multiple sightings of its use in combat along the northern cost, however for several months now there has been reports of weapons shipments coming under fatal attack from supposed ‘sea monsters’.

Annonnax Class Submersible

From the information that has been gathered, and from ample speculation by the scientific community, the following has been established. The Annonnax is a submersible, yet able to come aground and move like a writhing snake – making it equally at home travelling overground or underwater.

Annonnax Class Submersible

Although details are still uncertain, it appears that the great machine strikes at its prey – be it a warship or a tank – by ramming it and attacking with its great mechanical maw.

Annonnax Class Submersible

It also appears to have some kind of powerful energy weapon, although any exact details of this are unknown at this time, as regrettably, no one who has yet encountered the weapon at close range has survived to report back.

Annonnax Class Submersible

Annonnax Class Submersible vs. Ika Class Mechanical Squid



Studio Sparta release some groovy stuff!

Studio Sparta has released a selection of Dystopian Wars terrain thats sure to bring tons of extra flavour to your Dystopian table. Check this out…

Written by Spartan Games | Tags: 

It’s not just brutal ground-pounding sci-fi military machines, mysterious Invaders from a distant world or monstrous Goliath giants that you will find in Studio Sparta. Our latest release introduces the fantasticSecret Military Island Base Set and Industrial Complex that can be used to enhance your Dystopian Wars battles! These sets are a new venture for Studio Sparta as we investigate the coming together of vac form components with highly detailed resin and pewter models. Watch out for more products after this initial limited run.

These models will be shipping from 15th October 2012. From today, you can place your advance orders in the Studio Sparta Online Store to ensure you do not miss out on these exciting new releases.

Military Island Base Set

Hidden inside the remains of a destroyed volcano is a military installation that will make any Dystopian Wars commander proud. Three lightweight vac form islands allow you to create the volcanic shape, but you don’t have to use the shape we have chosen. Sitting inside the islands are a resin and pewter military/scientific building that can house anything you want: new weapons, tesla science projects, top level commanders, scientists, Queen Victoria… or any other vital asset you want to hide away.

NOTE: The vac form islands you can see above have been dressed with additional ‘sand’ and ‘flock’ prior to being painted. The islands each average 16.5″ in length.

We have initially created 250 sets, so grab one while you can.

Above you see the array of resin and pewter drop-ons that you can use with the islands to create your secret military base. They range from the gun platforms (bottom right) to shield generators (top left) and an observation tower (top right). But let’s not forget the large military building that dominates the centre of the islands – guns and cranes, what more can you ask for!

Click here to learn more about the Military Base Island Set.

Industrial Complex

Taken from Storm of Steel!

This terrain was created for use with a scenario in the Storm of Steel Campaign Guide that recently launched for Dystopian Wars. It is designed to represent a strategic industrial complex that opposing armies can either capture or destroy. The set can be used on land or as an island Industrial Complex in your Naval games.

Click here to learn more about the Industrial Complex Island Set.

A FREE Rules PDF for these Sets will be made soon be made available on the Studio Sparta website.

Dystopian Wars – Storm of Steel

Spartan Games upkeep their relentless release schedule

From the Spartan Games Blog…

“Invasion and retaliation shake the great powers and their allies as the World War explodes across Northern Europe!

Kingdom of Britannia forces have launched a major offensives across Belgium, seeking to bring battle to the Prussian Empire itself – the time has come to avenge the London Raid of 1870, as the Britannian Army of Flandersmarches into the Prussian Empire’sNetherlands provinces.

However, the Kingdom is not fighting alone. From faraway Archangel and Murmansk, a powerful Russian Coalition expeditionary force has sailed for the British Isles. The Tsar is determined to open a new front in his own war against the Prussians and its allies.

But the Anglo-Russian armies are not the only ones on the offensive. The Republique of France is pouring forces into the Low Countries to aid its Belgian and Prussian allies. Moreover President Bonaparte, eager to trump the Prussian Empire’s audacious raid on London, has authorised nothing less than an assault on Britannia itself!

The fighting is gruelling and ferocious. In Belgium and the southern Netherlands, the massed armies of the Anglo-Russian alliance rumble into action against the mighty defensive lines of the Prussian Empire’swestern frontiers. More Britannian forces strike towards Brussels, where they are met by powerful French forces heading north in support of their Prussian and Belgian allies. Once again, the fate of nations will hang in the balance over the hallowed fields of Waterloo.

But neither the Republique of France nor the Prussian Empire is content to remain passive. As its northern forces battle to lock the Britannians and Russians in a gruelling stalemate, the French gather another mighty army on its Channel coast. When the time is ripe, these forces will launch themselves across the narrow strip of water between France and its old enemy, intent on devastating the tranquil southern shores of England. In doing so, they will teach the Britannians that they cannot expect to wage war at will without feeling its savage touch within their home borders.

Meanwhile, Prussia’s infamous Mathias Sturm, architect of the London Raid and now promoted to General, lies in wait with his forces near the Prussian-Belgian border. Hungry for more glory, he is intent on making sure that the enemy advance into Belgium and the Netherlands is met with deadly force and paid for in fire and blood.

Amidst the carnage lesser world powers flock to the banners of both sides. Danish warships scour the North Sea, Hussars of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth gallop across southern England, Canadian Dominion forces stand firm alongside their Britannian cousins, and the Belgian Protectorate army clashes bitterly with its Royalist rebel enemies.

All will play their part, and all will be engulfed by the Storm of Steel!

The Second Campaign Guide for Dystopian Wars chronicles a most exciting chapter in the history of a world racked by war. We not only roll out our new Alliance Nations, detailing machines of war for each, but we introduce new and exciting rules for infantry ground combat. Enhanced command vehicles for the leading Generals are detailed, which coincide with new model variants, and scenarios are provided that allow you to play some of the major actions, including the Second Battle of Waterloo.

A series of Campaign Maps allow commanders to follow the core campaigns, and on top of the infantry rules we provide several pages of new additions to the 1.1 game engine that support such things as new military buildings, scenario objectives, new terrain, new weapons, new generators, enhanced game set-up and a page of tokens and templates that can be used to play the scenarios included within the book.

The book also includes statistics and rules for the Republique of France, known errata and clarifications for the 1.1 rulebook and nation Fleet Guides.

Add it all up and you have a Campaign Guide that all great commanders should own.

Pre-order Storm of Steel

If you pre-order the Storm of Steel Campaign Guide from the Spartan Games Online Store before October 17th you will automatically receive a free Infantry Token Set worth £10! Act quickly to ensure you do not miss out on this exciting special offer.”

Sacre Bleu! Le Frigate De Flying Et La Laser Tank!

This just in from the Spartan Blog!

The most famous technological achievement of French industry and weapons design is undoubtedly the Gravity Nullification Engine or GNE for short. This amazing device, developed with the assistance of ‘liberated’ Antarctican technology, has seen France’s naval forces develop not only a line of strikingly unique ship designs, but also a wholly new battle doctrine.

The relatively small size of French fighting formations on the ground is easily offset by their access to the crushing power of naval gunfire support even when many miles from the nearest coastline. The sleek lines of the Magenta II battleships and Marseille Class Cruisers cast long shadows over the Republique’s enemies in every sense of the word. Just recently, these mighty vessels have been joined by another ship class, one that represents a major step forward in the development of GNE technology. The swift and streamlined Alma Class Frigate mounts the sophisticated Mark VI, the first production GNE powerplant small enough to mount in a vessel of its size.

The Alma is designed to provide fast-moving fire support and scouting capability to France’s flying navy. The frigate is swift and agile enough to take the fight to true aircraft, always a point of vulnerability for the larger GNE craft in service. When operating alone, squadrons of Almas also make superb commerce raiders, as well as mounting lightning strikes on enemy ports through their ability to bypass many conventional defences. 

The personnel of the French light naval forces refer to the Alma as the ‘flying barracuda’. It is finding favour with particularly aggressive captains, and roving packs of these ships will surely savage unwary enemy craft wherever they might be found. No corner of any battlefield is now beyond the reach of the navy of France.



French industry has over the years become world-renowned for its engineering expertise, and the products of the great weapon shops of Belville and Clermont-Ferrand are rapidly gaining a fearsome fighting reputation in the hands of their highly-trained crews. The Char 1C is a product of the latest wave of revolutionary new French war engine designs. It utilises technology ‘liberated’ from Markov’s private files during his enforced ‘holiday’ in the Republique, combined with highly refined precision engineering developed by the finest minds in French weapons design. The 1C was designed from the outset to be what the French military calls a ‘char de rupture’, or breakthrough tank. It is larger and tougher than the standard R-6 Focault. The first units were issued to the Heavy Assault Command, and are often used in conjunction with the mighty Bastille Class Land Ships. They are well capable of blasting a hole in enemy lines, which the faster medium and light tanks can then exploit. 

Heavy Tank Squadrons also add more bite to the Republique’s Armoured Regiments when they operate without the support of the Heavy Assault Command’s Land Ships. The 1C mounts a large central turret which fits a pair of massive heavy guns similar in scale to the main armament of the Bastille. However, like many French designs, versatility is a core requirement. The 1C has been designed to accept one of the fearsome ‘Eyes of the Sun’ – a Heat Lancette which provides ferocious firepower at close quarters, reducing enemy armour to glowing wreckage and exposed infantry to ashes. Lancette-armed 1Cs are highly prized by attacking units required to crack open strong enemy positions.

These powerful new vehicles are going into production alongside the proven R-6, and those already issued are becoming very popular. The 1C is sure to become a key asset for the French ground forces, ensuring that the soldiers of Bonaparte’s Legions can back up their legendary élan with steel, fire and thunder!

Check out the Spartan Games Blog for design info on these bad boys!

The Kingdom of Denmark

The Spartan Goodies keep coming! from their blog…

Kingdom of Denmark

Kingdom of Denmark

Whilst the Kingdom of Denmark has neither the wealth nor the power to defeat the great naval fleets that take pride of place in the militaries of the other Great Powers, the nation has nonetheless managed to defend its shores in spite of its tenuous position, sandwiched between the Russian Baltic Fleet and the seemingly invincible Britannian Navy.

Kingdom of Denmark Korsor Class MinelayerKingdom of Denmark Korsor Class Minelayer

In no small way this safety is the result of the Danish navy’s on-going efforts to deny access to its native waters. This has not been achieved by investment in great fleets of Dreadnoughts or battleships, but in a far more modest weapon – the naval mine. A simple, metal shell, holding upwards of a ton of Sturginium-enriched dynamite. It is a simple danger to even the mightiest of vessel.

Kingdom of Denmark Korsor Class MinelayerKingdom of Denmark Korsor Class Minelayer

This weapon is put to sea by Denmark’s little saviour, the Korsor Class Minelayer. Although only a small ship, comparable to the Frigates of other nations, it has proved an invaluable war machine since the outbreak of the war. Armed with an automated mine laying rig, these ships manoeuvre in large numbers, denying entire swathes of the battlefield to the enemy, forcing them towards bottlenecks where the Allied-Danish fleet can fight them on an equal footing.

Although specialist in its role, it also pulls its weight as a combat vessel in its own right. By virtue of its design and powerful engines, the Korsor can make a great turn of speed. This, combined with its single powerful 10” deck gun, make it a aggressive raider in the tight confines of the Baltic Sea.

Kingdom of Denmark Korsor Class MinelayerKingdom of Denmark Korsor Class Minelayer

Kingdom of Denmark Korsor Class MinelayerKingdom of Denmark Korsor Class Minelayer

More Dystopian goodies…

The Protectorate of Belgium - Liege Class Land Ship (front)

The Protectorate of... Belgium...? BELgium...?? REALLY?

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth - Zamiec Sky Fortress (Top)

more Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth goodies!

Aufseher Class Assault Airship (Top)

Those Prussians love their balloons!

Fausts on their base beside an A6-V Class Medium Tank

Hot air balloon full of robotic death!


The Invaders

From Spartan Games “Studio Sparta” webstore

INVADERS They came from outer space… and landed in Studio Sparta! We love Victorian super science fiction. We also love the idea of alien invaders descending to Earth and obliterating all who dare to stand before them! Sooner or later, we knew we would bring these two things together and so the idea of the Invaders was born. In the best tradition of aliens everywhere, we saw them landing on Earth and, well, you get the picture…

We’ve designed the Invaders to be a fun concept for gamers to add something different to their playing experience, and you don’t really need us to tell you that they work superbly well in the Dystopian Wars world. Although they are not part of the core timeline of the Dystopian world, they offer you a chance to create a wonderful new facet of Victorian super science fiction. If you’ve ever wanted to play out a classic War of the Worlds scenario in the alternate world of Dystopian Wars, now is your chance. The current Invaders range consists of their intimidating Walker war engines and swarms of insect-like flying support craft. However, over time we will add more varied and different units to this baseline as ideas emerge from our suitably deranged minds! Our intention is that you will be able to field whole armies of these strange, deadly bio-mechanical creations. But it’s not only in Dystopian Wars where the Invaders can walk.

The models have been designed to fit comfortably with almost any scale of miniature. Just imagine the Invaders attacking units of 15mm scale Firestorm Invasion Terran infantry, or marvel as 10mm scale Dindrenzi armour is pulverised by devastating weapon systems onboard an Invader Hive ship.

You could even see crack teams of 28mm soldiers and reckless scientists taking on a mysterious new threat. When you stand a 28mm scale miniature next to an Invader medium class Walker it looks very cool. No gaming table is safe from their relentless march! Go on, indulge yourself…

WHAA…? Dystopian Legions…? and what now????

The Dystopian Legions

Something of a stunner from the Spartan Games Blog…

DYSTOPIAN LEGIONS is a fast-paced, action-packed 28mm scale tabletop game set in the exciting world of Dystopian Wars, where Victorian super science fiction has created a fascinating and brutal arena for a deadly world war. Concept artwork for Dystopian Legions Having brought carnage to the Dystopian battlefields with giant tanks, massive airships and technologically advanced naval vessels it is now time to get up close and personal with your warfare.

Turn back, the road is closed!

It is up to your platoons of infantry to storm enemy positions, capture towns, secure strategic objectives and devastate rival nations. Infantry sections are the building block of Dystopian Legions, but we’ve created so much more for gamers to build their armies with. Also available for battlefield commanders will be elite infantry units, section upgrades, mechanised walkers, tankettes, armoured personnel carriers and special characters, such as leaders and scientists who can inspire your men and cause fear in the enemy. 

Concept artwork for Dystopian Legions
ALL kinds of Awesome

And if that isn’t enough we’ve created full scale battle tanks, stoked full of detail and delivered in glorious high quality resin. Marvel at these giant behemoths of the battlefield. The game is scalable from a small number of models right the way up to a full blown company of men with armoured support. A modular approach to army building guarantees the game embraces further new releases and game expansions. Welcome to DYSTOPIAN LEGIONS… warfare just got so much more personal!

Go HERE to find the Nation links for more information on this most exciting of developments!

Then check out THE INVADERS! (which by the way, I knew were coming!)


Spartan is freaking everyone out!

The Bear Unleashed!

My inbox was blessed with this information today! The Bourgeois masses of the Tsar come forth!

“These models will be shipping from August 29th 2012. From today, you can place your advance orders in our Online Store to ensure you do not miss out on these exciting new models.


Russian Coalition

The Bear Is Unleashed

One of the most exciting aspects of fielding the Russian Coalition is the multitude of eccentric tactics that you can employ. One of the most fascinating weapons at your disposal is the Vorkuta Class Land Driller. This ironclad machine moves slowly underground, before ripping through the earth and unleashing a barrage of tenacious Medium Tanks upon your terrified foe.


What about emplacements? The grandeur of the Russian Coalition and the scale of its influence is epitomised in its mighty Tower Set. Monstrous, unforgiving guns will obliterate anyone foolish enough to believe they have a chance of toppling it. Whether utilising the communications, shield or gun drop ons, this bastion of war is sure to be pivotal to the success of your campaign.


Russian Coalition Vorkuta Class Land Driller and Tikhvin Class Small Tanks


(From left to right) Russian Coalition Tikhvin Class Small Tank, Belgorod Class Land Ship, Vorkuta Class Land Driller, Tower, Myshkin Class Bomber


The Russian Coalition also boasts a very capable naval force. The Moskva Class Dreadnought is a mammoth machine possessing almost unfathomable strength. Its strategy is simple – use its powerful, forward-facing weaponry, shrugging off what pitiful resistance its opponent can muster, to force the foe to flee before its uncompromising might.

Russian Coalition Moskva Class Dreadnought


(From left to right) Russian Coalition Suvorov Class Cruiser, Moskva Class Dreadnought, Borodino Class Battleship, Tiny Flyer Tokens


Below is the full list of Dystopian Wars releases available to order in advance, from today, in our Online Store. Click on the links to learn more:


Russian Coalition Borodino Class Battleship (1 model per blister)

Russian Coalition Myshkin Class Bomber (3 models per blister)

Russian Coalition Tiny Flyer Tokens (30 tokens per blister)

Russian Coalition Moskva Class Dreadnought (1 model per blister)

Russian Coalition Vorkuta Class Land Driller (1 model per blister)

Russian Coalition Tower Set (2 models per blister)

Russian Coalition Belgorod Class Land Ship (1 model per blister)


The Spartan Games blog has covered the Russian Coalition extensively, with heaps of background information, insight from our designers and tips on how to best utilise its unorthodox ships. Keep checking our blog over the next few weeks when we will be sharing even more information on our latest core nation.”


Shell Case Shorts 7

Komrades! Party member Phil of The Shell Case has released the rules for the next Shell Case Shorts Competition. This one a doozy…
Posted by Phil on July 2, 2012

This month’s Shell Case Shorts is a little bit special because the prize is not a signed book, but a signed rule book. Those fine chaps at Spartan Games have donated a copy of Dystopian Wars signed by all the development team.

With this in mind, the Shell Case Shorts is going Steampunk. All entries should be based on a Steampunk IP such as Dystopian Wars, Wolsung, Empire of the Dead etc. And, because I’m nice, I’ll even include Warmachine in the mix.

Rules are as follows…..    Go here to read the rest!


I will be entering. All you budding Writers should give it a go as well!