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Privateer Press New Model Freakout!

The perils of real life take a harsh toll on the desires of the lone blogger. It has been a long while since my last post and all I can offer at this time is that I blinked and Privateer Press, Freaked. Out….

It…   Looks odd. Wierd pose.

Mmmm, Exemplar-y

Gargantuans, they’re BIG!

Take one majestic Stag, and turn it into a Goat.

Should be menites 😦


Gun mages. On a Horse.

Cool name. Cool concept.

Less hurty when place in a sock.

Coolest legion model revealed to date. 

I would like to assure you that I have a review coming along nicely and once I can get my mitts on a computer that can hack it, i’ll be back to more regular bloggage.


Privateer Squeals…

For as long as the tribes of the farrow have gone to war, they have been accompanied by the vicious razor boars. As large as wolves, razor boars are deadly, untamed creatures that require little incentive or training to join the farrow in battle. When loosed upon an enemy, razor boars charge in heedless of their own well-being, intent only on goring their prey and bringing them low to feast upon their soft flesh. Survivors of farrow raids grow pale when they recall the speed with which a few razor boars reduced a well-armed soldier to a heap of rags and bloody bones.

Ravenous and brutal, warpborn alphas are fearsome combatants that lay low enemies and feast upon them even as they die screaming. Warpborn led by an alpha become filled with similar bloodlust, speed, and ferocity, able to tear through enemies with unhesitating enthusiasm. They attack in a blurred frenzy, seeking victory but prepared for death amid the blood and viscera of those who stand against them.

New from Privateer Press…

Couple of releases from Privateer Press, I’ve been a little slow getting these up, but nevertheless, here they are…

Hypnos, a myrmidon of the most exacting construction, is of the creation of Lord Arcanist Ossyan’s own labors. The lord arcanist has forged an insoluble connection with Hypnos, allowing it to draw energy from Ossyan and become an extension of his abilities. In his presence the myrmidon’s phase gun is imbued with synchronized energy; those struck by it become nonconductive to mystical channeling, thwarting the use of arc nodes as well as the delicate synergy between warbeast and warlock. Once it closes upon an enemy warjack, Hypnos pounds it with fists armed with specially-designed force projectors. Even a glancing blow from these weapons can stagger a warjack as its cortex signals overload, causing it to seize up and become helpless.

My Lord Arcanist Ossyan just did a happy dance! Next up…

The mighty road hogs hurl themselves into the fray with supercharged fury, unleashing gouts of flame and mechanikally enhanced brutality upon enemies of the farrow. Their lower limbs replaced by prosthetic legs, they are capable of surprising swiftness at the cost of agonizing pain to the beasts themselves—a small price to pay for the brutal carnage the road hogs can inflict upon their foes.

Whats not to like about a Pig wearing goggles? All kinds of Win.