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Long Time No Post…

Alright, long time is something of an understatement. I apologise for the lack of posting. this is mainly due to a new job, lack of a PC, I’m typing this on my tablet at the moment, as well as generic real life being a bitch. So what should i post about? Theres so much i haven’t covered its probably best to not try and catch up, that way madness lies. So i think a general hobby update is the way to go.

On My Table

My recent hobby related activity has been Warmahordes as per usual. I have been snapping up ebay bargains left right and centre for my Menite forces. This is my second go at Menoth and thus far I’ve been picking up all the stuff I didn’t get previously. Last time i was all about the Flameguard, i did not have a single Exemplar. This time however i have nothing but Exemplars! I’m loving the medium bases and seriously looking forward to the upcoming Bastion Seneschal. I have gone for a purple colour scheme for my guys which i will show off below. Christmas saw me getting, initially the circle Gargantuan, bless my wifes effort, which i was able to swap for a Judicator. I love it and need to fight the urge to put it in every list i make! My current caster of choice is Kreoss2 and i need to keep with him until i have a certain level of competency but new shineys pull at my attention. I will be converting myself a Kreoss2 from the plastic Kreoss1 and have been picking up crusaders on the cheap for conversions of Fires of Salvation and a Guardian jack.        


 photo DSC_0011-1.jpg

 photo DSC_0007-1.jpg

Sorry for the poor quality

The Gargantuans book has been released and although I dont have it presently I do have War Room and thus all the Trollbloods new stuff available to see. I love me some Epic Grim! One of the first Warlock units available and definately the most characterful, I will be picking him up as well as the Trollkin Warders. I rather like the look of the night troll as well. Unfortunately anyone being vocal about these things that iv seen, mainly on the PP forums, is being negative about the troll releases. In fact the Trollbloods forum seems to be the Cygnar forum of the Hordes forums, endlessly complaining. Not that I’ve really read the other forums

The other distraction I have is the new Warmachine faction, The Convergence of Cyriss. luckily these are not released yet but my wallet has a wary look about it.

Thats about it for now, just a quick update and some self gratifying pictures to show off. Now if you’ll excuse me, i have some conversions to work on whilst i should be doing housework.



Mammoth reach…

I’m late to the party here but Privateer Press continue their mission to ensure that no Skorne warbeast may ever stand face to face with any other model. At all. Seriously, thats some major over-lapping of the base!

Privateer Press New Model Freakout!

The perils of real life take a harsh toll on the desires of the lone blogger. It has been a long while since my last post and all I can offer at this time is that I blinked and Privateer Press, Freaked. Out….

It…   Looks odd. Wierd pose.

Mmmm, Exemplar-y

Gargantuans, they’re BIG!

Take one majestic Stag, and turn it into a Goat.

Should be menites 😦


Gun mages. On a Horse.

Cool name. Cool concept.

Less hurty when place in a sock.

Coolest legion model revealed to date. 

I would like to assure you that I have a review coming along nicely and once I can get my mitts on a computer that can hack it, i’ll be back to more regular bloggage.


Everblight Archangel!

First picture of the complete (mostly, there a bit of the tail missing) and primed Everblight Gargantuan, The Archangel has materialised on the interwebz. It illicits only one response…

Holy. Mother. Of. God.