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I Give In To The Desires Of My Burninating Heart…

Some time ago I left the hallowed homelands of the Creator of Man and strapped on a set of pointy ears. There was a lot of killiness that went on (I was mostly on the receiving end, it must be said) but my heart felt hollow. Something was missing. As time passed I came to realise that I felt cold. No amount of Myrmidon based fun would warm it. Except the Pheonix. It sets fire to things. I always liked setting fire to things. (Using the medium of a wargame to do it seems like the best possible channel for this it must be said) So I looked again at my options and it became clear that there was one choice for me. My burninating heart desired the warming presence of grilled heathen.

"Noone wears a billowy cloak like old Vilmon..."

My first faction had to be the way to go. So with my arms bound I presented myself to the Scrutators for the inevitable wracking. Once my penance has been served I will return to my first love, Feora. Only now I have a stabby option as well in the form of Thyra. These lovely ladies are to be my chosen concubines of Warmachine, as dangerous a prospect as that seems.

I do NOT look forward to gluing the smoke stacks on again.

This does however create something of a dilemma. I have been saving for a Mountain King with which to squashify and eat things. Now I need to decide if I want to cook things or eat them. I cannot see sufficient monies coming to me anytime soon that will allow me to do both, so what to do. I’m fairly sure I know, since the first pictures of the Judicator nearly swayed me back to Menoth on their own, where this decision will go. Plus Epic Feora was always my favorite and she loves her a Judicator. All I need to do is resist buying any other shinies before I have to coinage for a Judicator. So I have managed to swap all the Elfin toys for the correct and proper burny things and I intend to show what I paint on here, as any blogger worth his salt would. I really must try getting more actual Bloggery done rather than just advertising everyones new toys I can’t afford! but anyway….



Oh. Sweet. Lord

Something of a quandry…

It’s been quite a while since I did any actual “Blogging” on here. Mostly due to time constraints I have found myself only really being able to reblog other peoples stuff. Far from an ideal situation I’m sure you will agree. So what could have motivated me to do some real blogging on the stupidly hot day? Its this…

The Menite Colossal, Judicator. He’s all kinds of delicious and I want him. I had a Menite army once. It was quite big really. I had gotten nowhere near investigating everything they had to offer but I felt bored by them. It was clearly foolish of me to turn my back on the creator. Had I kept the faith I would have an army ready for one of these bad boys. As it stands I am without my Epic feora and other sundries. This has made me a sad panda. Forgetting the rules for a moment, it is easily the best looking one I have seen thus far. Mountain King was the holder of that title. I’m not sure I even want to carry on with the fledgling Trollblood force I have started building now. Don’t get me wrong, I am loving them. Jarl is a boss and I do want a Mountain King. But I have my Retribution steadily growing. I love Ossyan and Garryth. Hyperion looks great and has great rules but my interest has drained completely on seeing the shapes of the Judicator. I….     I just….     WANT!   ….Is that so wrong?

The quandry comes in the form of what the hell I can lose to A) Fund a Menite Army and B) Make room for a 3rd standing faction. This blog causes additional issues as well. There is much I want to play and review here for you folks. I have the, not cheap, Dropzone Commander to start; Dystopian Wars; Gruntz; Heavy Gear Blitz; Relics and oh so many others. Dystopian Legions has just shown up as well for goodness sake. Its a bad time to be a wargamer with no money let me tell you! so what should I lose? Where should I start? I’m thinking the the 2 player starter will get me somewhere and I may be able to share the cost with someone. But I put to you oh wargaming world, should I lose one of my Warmachine/Hordes factions? It would free up the space I need for sure, It would supply some coinage to get me back in as well. Not much certainly but enough to get me rolling. Then I can beg for money for my birthday, sell kidneys (possibly even my own)  and save up for my wonderful, my shiney, my….   PRECIOUS!!

Let me know through the comments what you suggest…