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Watch “WARMACHINE: Tactics Kickstarter — Privateer Press Interactive” on YouTube

Here is a new video regarding the forthcoming Warmachine Tactics videogame. Funded through Kickstarter in 2 days flat this game has promise, but I lack a machine I can play it on presently. Therefore my interest lies with the limited edition alt. Sculpt models being offered for new Journeyman characters being released as part of the next Warmachine book, Vengeance as well as the first ever caster to be released as both “prime” and “epic” versions at the same time and the first ever faction change! He starts as a Noble Cygnaran, then he snuff it and joins Cryx! Full stats are released through a No Quarter Extra made for the kickstarter and all over the Privateer Press Forums. Check the video then check he Kickstarter @!


Ahoy There Mateys! Galleon Dead Ahead


The raw might of a naval ironhull now walks the lands as the Galleon. The colossal fires a rolling broadside before reaching out with its enormous cargo claw to toss warjacks like rag dolls. It can also use its massive trident to reel in foes and finish them off at close range with a series of punishing blows. The Galleon commands a high price, but for those mercenaries who have the fortune to spend, it fights as a symbol of unquestionable affluence and might.

The freaking size of that claw alone!

For Blood and Coin, Preferably Coin Though, Blood is Messy… Warmachine Wrath Review Pt5… um A

Let Slip The Dogs Of War

Mercs are up for review now, It is not complete. On this occasion I am just showing Damiano. More will follow but this takes so long I decided to break it down a little. The Cygnaran allies will feature in with the Mercs as they are Merc models really, more than they are Cygnaran ones anyway. So Gallant and Constance will make a guest appearance, they work better for Mercs anyway.

The only real fluff for the Mercs is where Captain Amador Damiano is introduced to the Iron Kingdoms timeline. A born and bred mercenary from a long line of sell-swords, after some financial issues his family sold a lot of their personal armoury and signed an agreement with the Steelheads to allow them to run their own chapter. Damiano is in it for the glory and nothing more. That said he is careful not to squander the lives of his men. For this reason he is popular to work for and pays well. He definately feels like a good guy from the fluff, he helps some refugees, albeit with some reluctance. He always cares for his troops above all else. The fluff has him attending the headquarters of the Llaelese resistance, when an army of exemplars shows up. Initially with just a seneschal leading them, they want to take over the city being run by the resistance. Something they are not happy about. Grand Exemplar Kreoss shows up with yet more Exemplars and things start to look sketchy for the steelheads. All hell breaks loose as Kreoss and Damiano have a little chat, but Fire of Salvation fidgets and Damianos personal ‘jack, Rocinante, interperet this as a violent act and blows a chunk out of Salvations shoulder armour! Very nicely written all in all. So battle is joined between the Exemplars and Steelheads but then the Exemplars are forced to divide their attention as Terminus shows up at the head of an enormous horde of undead. The Steelheads pull back initially but when it becomes clear that escape is not possible, they rejoin the fracas. The fluff ends with some drama in the shape of Terminus himself flying towards the two casters as they fought side by side. Most enjoyable all round really.

Captain Amador Damiano

Stats for Damiano are not massively special. Mat 7 is okay Def 15 considering the buffs he can gain with ease is about as good as you could expect. Arm 16  is again, reasonable, but nothing to write home about. His Cmd 9 is pretty good to. But these stats are not why you take Damiano. He is the ultimate synergistic buff caster and very possibly the most competetive caster Mercs can muster.


Paymaster [Steelhead] Damiano has 5 coins to spend on these abilities (1 coin per Paymaster use)and they can only be applied to Steelhead units. A unit can only be effected by one of these per turn. They have a range of Cmd.

-Battle Maneuvers: Target unit gains Reform this turn. (Units with Reform can advance 3 inches after completing their actions.) – This has some use in getting you Halberdiers across the table quicker or allowing your riflemen to retreat a little after shooting. Otherwise my prefernce will go to…

-Money Shot: Affected models gain +2 to ranged attack and damage rolls for one turn. – Your Rifles gain Rat 7 Pow 13 basic, since they can then combine their attacks Rat 9 Pow 15 is damn easy to achieve. The cavalry get Rat 7 and Pow 14 which is very beneficial for them, especially when combined with the Deadeye spell below.

Damiano is equipped with a sword and pistol, both Pow 12 (the Pistol is Rng 12) they are both magical. The pistol has the Blaster effect.


Deadeye: Target friendly model/unit gets an additional d6 on its next ranged attack roll/s. Very useful spell for mercs to get their hands on. Increases our accuracy greatly, Croe and his boys really benefit from this as they may actually hit some stuff now. Otherwise fairly standard spell that Cygnar has had for a long time. Brutal Damage shots from Gunmages have increased potential for getting the crit. I like to use them on my cavalry, who have a great threat range on their assault charges and combined with Damianos Pay-master:Money shot gives you a solid chance to damage something from afar, like casters for example!

Warpath: If a friendly faction model within your control area damages an enemy model you with a ranged or melee attack may advance a warjack in Damianos battlegroup up to 3 inches. a single ‘jack cannot make multiple uses of this. This spell has a limited use since you will not be ‘jack heavy at all with Damiano in all likelihood. Its in possible you will find it to be a waste of focus a lot of the time But it still has its uses.

Sure Foot: Target friendly faction models gains +2 Def and cannot be knowcked down. Friendly faction models within 3 inches gain +2 Def and cannot be knocked down. This spell allows you to create a steelhead brick. Halberdiers accompanied by the piper can be tough without fear of knock downs and can really take a charge with Def 15 plus set defense.

Death March: Target friendly unit gains +2 Mat and Vengence. Nice and simple. You can put this on halberdiers but my personal preference is for Kayazy Assassins to get it for the benefits they gain. On Damianos feat turn they become absolute monsters when combined with this spell.

Convection: Standard direct damage spell. Pow 12 Rng 10 When you kill a living model with it you can allocate a focus to a ‘jack.


Damianos feat is a simple but effective one. All friendly models gain +3 strength and Armour for 1 round and cannot be moved out of activation. This has a lot of applications. I shan’t go into them all now but my favourite is Kayazy assassins. Combined with the Death march spell and Gang they become Mat 9 Pow 15 death dealers. With their mini-feat they can get wherever they want to get. And having seen the giant squid monster that Gators can have, though it would be expensive, you can add one to Wrongeye’s battlegroup to gain access to the Elasticity animi. Meaning at least 1 of them (cannot remember if it is model or model/unit) can also gain Reach! Almost impossible to deal with.

Damianos Tier list is much what you would expect. All Steelheads all the time. The main benefit you will gain is the ability to field 2 units of cavalry. Another benefit is an extended deployment zone. but basically if it is not Steehead it is not welcome in a list.

Thats all I’m going to do for now. I will post more of the Merc review at a later date. In future I don’t think I’ll use this format. With the time constraints I have there just is not the time to do all this.