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Privateer Press updates…

Today a little more detail on Warmachine: Colossals. Mercilesly ripped from The Lost Hemisphere

Cygnar Get this little beauty, named Stormwall. Honking great cannons, Armpit Miniguns and…

…Electric Torpedoes!

Rampant speculation aboud as to what they do!.

Khador gets Conquest. It is a monster.

Lovely artwork. My only gripe here is the winterguard in the full picture are looking away from the empress for some reason…?

…It is as wide as the Legion battle engine is tall… Just, good god!

Menites get artwork only at present for Judicator

…Flamethrowers and missiles. But of course.

Cryx get a wierd thing…

…Called Kraken. I don’t really like the look of it.

Retribution get this beast, Hyperion

…Massive wrist blades = Win so far as I’m concerned.

Privateer Shocker! Mercs count as a faction!

Galleon. Not much is known about it. But Rhulics can’t have it.

Finnally there was a cheeky sneak of what is thought to be the Trollblood equivilent of a colossal. Seems Mulg wasn’t the biggest Troll afterall.


Catching up on Privateer new and upcoming releases I bring you first, something of a surprise…

Black Dragon Iron Fang Pikemen Officer and Standard! This is the first ever alternate UA Privateer have released and opens the gates for more to come! These are only available from the Privateer Press online store and the blister has alternate shields for the Iron Fangs as well as an alternate banner and cards. You will need an Iron Fang Pikemen unit and the standard unit attachment to use these. They are already available!

Next it this most terrifying of light warjacks. I for one am not looking forward to having a bunch of these leaping towards me and evaporating my infantry!

Next we have the following Bodgers releases…

Heap is the madcap game of vehicular mayhem where the player who cobbles together the most outrageous vehicles wins!

Each player plays a gang of crazed goblins that have traveled across the post-apocalyptic wasteland in broken-down vehicles to converge on a gigantic heap of long-discarded scrap – perfect ingredients for demented automotive modification. In arena-style bouts, each gang selects its champion driver to storm the heap and duke it out for the best parts to upgrade their vehicles. Be first to trick out your vehicles and dominate the final pileup to rule the heap!

Infernal Contraption is a fun-fueled stand-alone card game of mechanical mayhem for 2-4 players where goblin bodgers race to assemble their nigh-uncontrollable machines of mass consumption!

In this newly revised and expanded edition, you assume the role of a goblin bodger scrambling to construct a maniacal machine that will consume the resources of the other bodgers. This edition also includes cards from theInfernal Contraption: Sabotage!Expansion, so throw a wrench in your opponents’ plans and watch the resulting madness!

Thats it for now! Keep checking back as I will post other stuff I come across if I can

OMFG!! Did not see that coming….

So as the video above will testify, Colossals are coming. They are giant Warjacks. They will have Focus, be part of a battlegroup, be effected by battlegroup spells etc. They can make Power Attacks, and will have 2 more!

Holy Hell!

Warmachine Review


In Review

This review will focus on what has been something of an awakening for me in gaming terms. Before two local lads looking to start up their own business decided to hawk something other than Games Workshops fare, nobody in my group (that were not Warhammer Ancients players, spending more time looking in the rule books than playing the game…) had fully committed to another game. There was some dabbling in Full Thrust but nothing solid ever took off there. Only a couple of us got fleets to play with and one of the ancients players who had played it before and already had a fleet, took me and a friend on and introduced us to what, exactly, Phalons can do. It was not pretty, and it was slightly unfair the way it was done to us. I’ll leave you with an analogy regarding posterial invasion to give you an idea of the feeling. But i digress…


When Warmachine, brought to you by Privateer Press, was first introduced to me, pictorially via No Quarter Magazine, I really took to the look of the Menites straight away. Primarily due to The Harbinger Of Menoth. An utterly astounding model even 4 years later and one I have never had the “Sputniks” to buy let alone paint. Anyway a game was duly proxied and much filth ensued on both sides. What is not to love about steam powered psychically controlled robots, controlled by powerful warrior wizards? Since I was facing a Cryxian army, with the inevitable Banes (Essentially Skeletal warriors 2.0. Start playing with, or against, Cryx and you will see what I mean.) I took great joy in popping Harbingers feat (Once only spell type effects with a large effect on the game) and watching them die. The next game, due to the wording of the feat, lead to them marching towards me backwards, which was even funnier and solidified this games place in my heart.


The Warmachine setting is immersive. The Iron Kingdoms, part of the continent of Immoren, is the setting for Warmachine. The Iron Kingdoms consist of :

Cygnar: I always thought of them as Americans though thats not completely accurate. Excelling at a combined arms approach mainly, with a heavier lean towards ranged weapons, as well as bringing advanced (in Warmachine terms) Electricity based death leaping from person to person. Not my favorite faction by any means.



The Protectorate of Menoth: Originally a part of the Cygnaran nation, consisting of masses of religious zealots following the True Law. They were forced to break away after a civil war they lost. Gods are a fact in Immoren, the Menites want you to pay proper homage to the creator of mankind, Menoth. If you don’t, they will find you, Wrack you and burn you. So watch it!


Khador: Psuedo Russians, very much interested in the motherland. Lead by an expansionist Empress seeking to reclaim lands previously annexed by them. Their combat doctrine is big heavy things to smash you aside with. Its all basic but Huge! *mild spoilers* The story line as it stands has Khador invading parts of Cygnar and largely crushing the nation of Llael completely, except for the bit the Menites took over.


Cryx: Not strictly an Iron Kingdom, but who’s going to argue with a nation of Dragon worshipping dead people? Toruk, the immortal dragonfather, sits waiting for one of his children to mess up so he can track it down and consume it. Essetially your undead faction with copious amounts of Iron thrown in. The Nightmare Empire, as it is known is off the mainland and heavily piratical. But no nation is in a hurry to try and go there.


The Retribution Of Scyrah: Again, not an Iron kingdom, or even a nation per say. The Elven nation of Ios believes their gods are dead, mostly. The one they had remaining is slowly expiring in her temple. Another one was recently found and recovered however. Basically the Elven gods left their people to save them but it didn’t work. The Retribution was a rogue sect that believed that human magic is responsible for the death of their gods and the arrival of “souless” elven children. For this reason they intend to kill all human spellcasters, and most other humans as well. Just for good measure. The rediscovery of their gods has caused an upsurge in popularity for the Retribution to the point that they have gone on a far wider offensive, invading sovereign lands, if temporarily, in an effort to save their remaining gods and find any others that may be out there using their highly advanced technology and magic. My present second faction.

Mercenaries: Obviously not a Nation really. It does however account for the remaining Llaelese forces and introduces this settings Dwarven people, The Rhulics. As well as various soldiers for hire and ner-do-wells and… Pirates!. There is really not much more to say about them. There is to much character within the faction that I couldn’t possibly bring it all here in one go. This is my main faction at the moment and I love ‘em!


Click on the faction images above to visit their gallery pages on the Privateer Press website.

The fluff in general is very well written throughout the various books and differs to anything GW related (or anything else I’ve come across so far) in that each book progresses the story line of the Iron Kingdoms as well as for each faction at the same time. One of the best things about this is it makes it very difficult for the background to just be wiped out and re-written (*cough* Necrons *cough*) Another advantage is that you can see a coherent progression throughout the books and it is worth your while getting each one as they come out, since they will all have something for your army in fluff as well as in models and rules.

This is an area that Warmachine really opened my eyes. Before Warmachine I did not know that you could have a coherent rulebook. Games Workshop had only just found out about indices and gave it a half hearted go, pretty unsuccessfully. The Warmachine rulebook in Mk1 was clear. There was very little ambiguity compared to GWs offerings at the time. There were problems no doubt, not least the sheer number of special rules. But they resolved this with the Mk2 release. The rules as they stand now are once again very clear for the most part. As with any game of this nature, stuff crops up. There are FAQs that deal with these issues but there has not been a need for masses of these. Playing Warmachine I have not spent nearly hours arguing with people about how a rule works with Warmachine whereas games have had to be abandoned due to rule disagreements in Warhammer. The mechanic is based on 2D6. I found this can take a bit of getting used to but you do everything flows very nicely.

An example of this mechanic: You use your models MAT statistic (Melee ATtack) and add this to the roll of 2D6. Then compare this to the targets DEF statistic. If your total is equal to or higher than the targets defence then you have hit! Very simple really.

A central mechanic of this game is the Focus mechanic. Focus is the resource your warrior-wizard has to spend each turn. He can allocate up to three to each Warjack (or massive steam powered robot if you prefer) he controls to improve their combat ability; add a die to any “to hit” and/or “to damage” roll he makes; buy additional attacks or cast spells. This warrior-wizard, known as a Warcaster, is the commander of your army and most important piece. If he dies, in most game scenarios, you lose the game. This adds a strategic element to the game that few other games offer. You want your warcaster involved for their spells and abilities and also their “feat”. But at the same time your warcaster will not survive out on his own. A feat is a type of spell that you can only use once per game. It will often give you a large advantage for a round or effect you opponents in some way. Some will allow you to complete the game, others will allow you to recover from the precipice.

Individual models have rules of their own and these are covered by stat cards. I have found stat cards to be a very good way of keeping track of things in the game. Far easier than an enormous books with endless page flipping. The cards are there in front of you. This brings me to possibly the best thing about this game. Its in the rules that you MUST share the info on your models if asked to. So if someone wants to look at your cards, you have to give them up. There is no excuse for failing something because you did not know the rule. Any time you ask to see your opponents cards, he must show you them. So you can plan appropriately. If you fail due to a rules quirk, its your own stupid fault.


The artwork for Warmachine is truly fantastic…

Warmachne truly has some of the best artwork I have ever seen for any game…


Here is a selection of Warcaster and Warjack models..

And thats all for now. Be sure to keep a look out for reviews of other games that I have planned, including Gruntz, Three Plains, and Dystopian Wars!


Warmachine and Hordes Upcoming models…

Some supremely great models revealed this week by Privateer Press for both Warmachine and Hordes. First we have the long awaited (Though they are no Bombadiers) House Vyre Warjacks which I will be needing a bunch of and no mistake!

Next up is the Mercenaries first character warjack, Rocinante! Really liking the look og him but I have my conversion that will need only his gun from the blister I think. Still, its a smexy model…

Finally some models that make a chap want to start a new army… again. These bad boys look really good, especially compared to their metal counterparts they will be replacing…

Sooooo good!

For Blood and Coin, Preferably Coin Though, Blood is Messy… Warmachine Wrath Review Pt5… um A

Let Slip The Dogs Of War

Mercs are up for review now, It is not complete. On this occasion I am just showing Damiano. More will follow but this takes so long I decided to break it down a little. The Cygnaran allies will feature in with the Mercs as they are Merc models really, more than they are Cygnaran ones anyway. So Gallant and Constance will make a guest appearance, they work better for Mercs anyway.

The only real fluff for the Mercs is where Captain Amador Damiano is introduced to the Iron Kingdoms timeline. A born and bred mercenary from a long line of sell-swords, after some financial issues his family sold a lot of their personal armoury and signed an agreement with the Steelheads to allow them to run their own chapter. Damiano is in it for the glory and nothing more. That said he is careful not to squander the lives of his men. For this reason he is popular to work for and pays well. He definately feels like a good guy from the fluff, he helps some refugees, albeit with some reluctance. He always cares for his troops above all else. The fluff has him attending the headquarters of the Llaelese resistance, when an army of exemplars shows up. Initially with just a seneschal leading them, they want to take over the city being run by the resistance. Something they are not happy about. Grand Exemplar Kreoss shows up with yet more Exemplars and things start to look sketchy for the steelheads. All hell breaks loose as Kreoss and Damiano have a little chat, but Fire of Salvation fidgets and Damianos personal ‘jack, Rocinante, interperet this as a violent act and blows a chunk out of Salvations shoulder armour! Very nicely written all in all. So battle is joined between the Exemplars and Steelheads but then the Exemplars are forced to divide their attention as Terminus shows up at the head of an enormous horde of undead. The Steelheads pull back initially but when it becomes clear that escape is not possible, they rejoin the fracas. The fluff ends with some drama in the shape of Terminus himself flying towards the two casters as they fought side by side. Most enjoyable all round really.

Captain Amador Damiano

Stats for Damiano are not massively special. Mat 7 is okay Def 15 considering the buffs he can gain with ease is about as good as you could expect. Arm 16  is again, reasonable, but nothing to write home about. His Cmd 9 is pretty good to. But these stats are not why you take Damiano. He is the ultimate synergistic buff caster and very possibly the most competetive caster Mercs can muster.


Paymaster [Steelhead] Damiano has 5 coins to spend on these abilities (1 coin per Paymaster use)and they can only be applied to Steelhead units. A unit can only be effected by one of these per turn. They have a range of Cmd.

-Battle Maneuvers: Target unit gains Reform this turn. (Units with Reform can advance 3 inches after completing their actions.) – This has some use in getting you Halberdiers across the table quicker or allowing your riflemen to retreat a little after shooting. Otherwise my prefernce will go to…

-Money Shot: Affected models gain +2 to ranged attack and damage rolls for one turn. – Your Rifles gain Rat 7 Pow 13 basic, since they can then combine their attacks Rat 9 Pow 15 is damn easy to achieve. The cavalry get Rat 7 and Pow 14 which is very beneficial for them, especially when combined with the Deadeye spell below.

Damiano is equipped with a sword and pistol, both Pow 12 (the Pistol is Rng 12) they are both magical. The pistol has the Blaster effect.


Deadeye: Target friendly model/unit gets an additional d6 on its next ranged attack roll/s. Very useful spell for mercs to get their hands on. Increases our accuracy greatly, Croe and his boys really benefit from this as they may actually hit some stuff now. Otherwise fairly standard spell that Cygnar has had for a long time. Brutal Damage shots from Gunmages have increased potential for getting the crit. I like to use them on my cavalry, who have a great threat range on their assault charges and combined with Damianos Pay-master:Money shot gives you a solid chance to damage something from afar, like casters for example!

Warpath: If a friendly faction model within your control area damages an enemy model you with a ranged or melee attack may advance a warjack in Damianos battlegroup up to 3 inches. a single ‘jack cannot make multiple uses of this. This spell has a limited use since you will not be ‘jack heavy at all with Damiano in all likelihood. Its in possible you will find it to be a waste of focus a lot of the time But it still has its uses.

Sure Foot: Target friendly faction models gains +2 Def and cannot be knowcked down. Friendly faction models within 3 inches gain +2 Def and cannot be knocked down. This spell allows you to create a steelhead brick. Halberdiers accompanied by the piper can be tough without fear of knock downs and can really take a charge with Def 15 plus set defense.

Death March: Target friendly unit gains +2 Mat and Vengence. Nice and simple. You can put this on halberdiers but my personal preference is for Kayazy Assassins to get it for the benefits they gain. On Damianos feat turn they become absolute monsters when combined with this spell.

Convection: Standard direct damage spell. Pow 12 Rng 10 When you kill a living model with it you can allocate a focus to a ‘jack.


Damianos feat is a simple but effective one. All friendly models gain +3 strength and Armour for 1 round and cannot be moved out of activation. This has a lot of applications. I shan’t go into them all now but my favourite is Kayazy assassins. Combined with the Death march spell and Gang they become Mat 9 Pow 15 death dealers. With their mini-feat they can get wherever they want to get. And having seen the giant squid monster that Gators can have, though it would be expensive, you can add one to Wrongeye’s battlegroup to gain access to the Elasticity animi. Meaning at least 1 of them (cannot remember if it is model or model/unit) can also gain Reach! Almost impossible to deal with.

Damianos Tier list is much what you would expect. All Steelheads all the time. The main benefit you will gain is the ability to field 2 units of cavalry. Another benefit is an extended deployment zone. but basically if it is not Steehead it is not welcome in a list.

Thats all I’m going to do for now. I will post more of the Merc review at a later date. In future I don’t think I’ll use this format. With the time constraints I have there just is not the time to do all this.