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The Future of Wargaming?

Regardless of your feelings for Kickstarter there can be no denying that it has been something of a revolution for wargaming. The number of games that have sprung up purely because of crowd sourcing means that our wargaming lives are richer and our wallets decidedly poorer. So what could be the next “big thing”? Its been muttered about before that 3d printing is going to cause no end of issues for games companies with copyrighted materials becoming easier than ever to duplicate. I’m not so sure about this as I have seen people create knock-offs without the use of expensive technology (whilst cheaper than it used to be by a long shot, the cost of the 3d printer is still out of the reach of most normal consumers). With the impact of Kickstarter it was hard to see what might be next. Now a new kickstarter has appeared that I think will cause its own revolution. Proxy Wars is, so long as they can get it right, the beginning; the tip of the iceberg.


The general concept is that they have a database of models and parts that you will be able to choose from and create your own models. They have set it up so that all the 3d modelling is done and you can almost just drag and drop parts into place. The 3d models are fully poseable so you can have whatever bizarre posing your heart desires. The detail level is set to the highest possible detail level for this kind of work that excists. All in all it seems very exciting.


Where I feel the real revolution will come (though I admit this will depend on the ultimate cost involved but it has to be lower than the traditional costs) is their intention to allow you to develop your very own miniatures from concept to full delivery of your first models. They will even help you to develop that full blown game you have been dreaming of! The following image will show you better than I can…


This Kickstarter is one that I can see sparking a number of smaller ones as every independant developer out there starts to put together their own game and funds it the Kickstarter way before having these guys, or another company that does the same, produce their miniature concepts ready to be sent off to a casting manufacturer of some kind for greater production numbers. The possibilities leave my mind boggled. Let me know what you think in the comments, is it the start of a revolution? Will you be supporting Proxy Wars?


We Are The Champions My Friends


Long overdue for a resculpt, the new Trollkin Champions continue the trend towards plastic models from Privateer. Makes me pleased I haven’t got any yet. These will mean a lighter bag and models that look beefy enough to be the champs they are.


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Lets…. Converge

Privateer press releases some mechanical goodies for all….






Ahoy There Mateys! Galleon Dead Ahead


The raw might of a naval ironhull now walks the lands as the Galleon. The colossal fires a rolling broadside before reaching out with its enormous cargo claw to toss warjacks like rag dolls. It can also use its massive trident to reel in foes and finish them off at close range with a series of punishing blows. The Galleon commands a high price, but for those mercenaries who have the fortune to spend, it fights as a symbol of unquestionable affluence and might.

The freaking size of that claw alone!

What Ho! Spartan Reveal More Legions, What!


Spartan bring yet more for Dystopian Legions! This time the tenatious lads from Blighty take centre stage. Rocketmen, Rifles and Lord Flashheart-a-likes abound!

Blackadder fans everywhere will recognise the inspiration for this chap! HUZZAH!

More Studio Sparta Goodness…

This time, The Empire Of The Blazing Sun gets a look in!





Now Spartan Games have released the quickplay rules for Dystopian Legions so get yer butts over there an’ Git Playin’!

Privateer Squeals…

For as long as the tribes of the farrow have gone to war, they have been accompanied by the vicious razor boars. As large as wolves, razor boars are deadly, untamed creatures that require little incentive or training to join the farrow in battle. When loosed upon an enemy, razor boars charge in heedless of their own well-being, intent only on goring their prey and bringing them low to feast upon their soft flesh. Survivors of farrow raids grow pale when they recall the speed with which a few razor boars reduced a well-armed soldier to a heap of rags and bloody bones.

Ravenous and brutal, warpborn alphas are fearsome combatants that lay low enemies and feast upon them even as they die screaming. Warpborn led by an alpha become filled with similar bloodlust, speed, and ferocity, able to tear through enemies with unhesitating enthusiasm. They attack in a blurred frenzy, seeking victory but prepared for death amid the blood and viscera of those who stand against them.

Spartan Blog updates galore!

A massive stream of stuff has come from those lovely chaps over at Spartan Games. They have given a preview of some of the goodness that is to come from Studio Sparta for Dystopian Legions! Feast your eyes…

Colonel Samuel H. MacDonald

Yes, the Britannians can be lead by an old guy in a Steam powered Wheelchair and indeed, why not?

The world of Dystopian Wars appears to be a very inclusive one, Wheelchairs and prosthetics are clearly an advantage in the officer classes!

Germanic, steam powered, Mini-gun equipped, terminators FTW!

This man has yet to earn his prosthesis

Tesla Bayonettes. Win


More Yankees!

Yankee Officer!

I like them, but the guns seem a little small, un-American to utilize a stereotype.

Kingdom of Britannia Knights Templar

For England, Harry and St. George! Knight Templar = Yum!

Empire of the Blazing Sun Ryuma Steambike

Very possibly my favourite of the bunch. Samarai Steambike! Sounds like an ’80s cartoon!

Check out the spartan blog for more information on all of those as well as this…

The Fresnel Class Support Cruiser is a new and terrible weapon that has only recently been encountered amongst the fleets of the Frozen South.

The warship is, in most respects of a conventional design, if you can ever call a ship of the Covenant Ghost Fleet in any way conventional. However, the rather considerable exception to this is the energy weapon mounted atop the its spine.

Fresnel Class Support Cruiser

Fresnel Class Support Cruiser

From what can been gathered from photographic aeroplanes, this weapon is far more than a mere up-scaled energy weapon. Upon closer inspection one will see that the objects along the broadsides are not the unusual gun-spheres, but some kind of strange electrical apparatus. Likewise, the great turret atop the ship is not as it appears, whilst it has clearly been seen firing beams of radiant energy, it is not an energy turret, but a great, articulated assembly of lenses.

Fresnel Class Support Cruiser

The only rational conclusion that can be drawn with these facts is that the Fresnel is nothing less than a water-borne focusing array for Covenant Energy Weapons. The beams fired from other vessels entering the ship by its sides, before being focused, refined and amplified into a single attack, far more powerful than the sum of its parts.

Annonnax Class Submersible

Annonnax Class Submersible

The Annonnax is without any doubt one of the strangest, most inconceivable and technologically advanced machines yet seen to come out of the Covenant of Antarctica.

Annonnax Class Submersible

The fighting machine’s existence has only been confirmed in the past few weeks, with multiple sightings of its use in combat along the northern cost, however for several months now there has been reports of weapons shipments coming under fatal attack from supposed ‘sea monsters’.

Annonnax Class Submersible

From the information that has been gathered, and from ample speculation by the scientific community, the following has been established. The Annonnax is a submersible, yet able to come aground and move like a writhing snake – making it equally at home travelling overground or underwater.

Annonnax Class Submersible

Although details are still uncertain, it appears that the great machine strikes at its prey – be it a warship or a tank – by ramming it and attacking with its great mechanical maw.

Annonnax Class Submersible

It also appears to have some kind of powerful energy weapon, although any exact details of this are unknown at this time, as regrettably, no one who has yet encountered the weapon at close range has survived to report back.

Annonnax Class Submersible

Annonnax Class Submersible vs. Ika Class Mechanical Squid




Oh. Sweet. Lord

Sacre Bleu! Le Frigate De Flying Et La Laser Tank!

This just in from the Spartan Blog!

The most famous technological achievement of French industry and weapons design is undoubtedly the Gravity Nullification Engine or GNE for short. This amazing device, developed with the assistance of ‘liberated’ Antarctican technology, has seen France’s naval forces develop not only a line of strikingly unique ship designs, but also a wholly new battle doctrine.

The relatively small size of French fighting formations on the ground is easily offset by their access to the crushing power of naval gunfire support even when many miles from the nearest coastline. The sleek lines of the Magenta II battleships and Marseille Class Cruisers cast long shadows over the Republique’s enemies in every sense of the word. Just recently, these mighty vessels have been joined by another ship class, one that represents a major step forward in the development of GNE technology. The swift and streamlined Alma Class Frigate mounts the sophisticated Mark VI, the first production GNE powerplant small enough to mount in a vessel of its size.

The Alma is designed to provide fast-moving fire support and scouting capability to France’s flying navy. The frigate is swift and agile enough to take the fight to true aircraft, always a point of vulnerability for the larger GNE craft in service. When operating alone, squadrons of Almas also make superb commerce raiders, as well as mounting lightning strikes on enemy ports through their ability to bypass many conventional defences. 

The personnel of the French light naval forces refer to the Alma as the ‘flying barracuda’. It is finding favour with particularly aggressive captains, and roving packs of these ships will surely savage unwary enemy craft wherever they might be found. No corner of any battlefield is now beyond the reach of the navy of France.



French industry has over the years become world-renowned for its engineering expertise, and the products of the great weapon shops of Belville and Clermont-Ferrand are rapidly gaining a fearsome fighting reputation in the hands of their highly-trained crews. The Char 1C is a product of the latest wave of revolutionary new French war engine designs. It utilises technology ‘liberated’ from Markov’s private files during his enforced ‘holiday’ in the Republique, combined with highly refined precision engineering developed by the finest minds in French weapons design. The 1C was designed from the outset to be what the French military calls a ‘char de rupture’, or breakthrough tank. It is larger and tougher than the standard R-6 Focault. The first units were issued to the Heavy Assault Command, and are often used in conjunction with the mighty Bastille Class Land Ships. They are well capable of blasting a hole in enemy lines, which the faster medium and light tanks can then exploit. 

Heavy Tank Squadrons also add more bite to the Republique’s Armoured Regiments when they operate without the support of the Heavy Assault Command’s Land Ships. The 1C mounts a large central turret which fits a pair of massive heavy guns similar in scale to the main armament of the Bastille. However, like many French designs, versatility is a core requirement. The 1C has been designed to accept one of the fearsome ‘Eyes of the Sun’ – a Heat Lancette which provides ferocious firepower at close quarters, reducing enemy armour to glowing wreckage and exposed infantry to ashes. Lancette-armed 1Cs are highly prized by attacking units required to crack open strong enemy positions.

These powerful new vehicles are going into production alongside the proven R-6, and those already issued are becoming very popular. The 1C is sure to become a key asset for the French ground forces, ensuring that the soldiers of Bonaparte’s Legions can back up their legendary élan with steel, fire and thunder!

Check out the Spartan Games Blog for design info on these bad boys!