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More Studio Sparta Goodness…

This time, The Empire Of The Blazing Sun gets a look in!





Now Spartan Games have released the quickplay rules for Dystopian Legions so get yer butts over there an’ Git Playin’!

Spartan Blog updates galore!

A massive stream of stuff has come from those lovely chaps over at Spartan Games. They have given a preview of some of the goodness that is to come from Studio Sparta for Dystopian Legions! Feast your eyes…

Colonel Samuel H. MacDonald

Yes, the Britannians can be lead by an old guy in a Steam powered Wheelchair and indeed, why not?

The world of Dystopian Wars appears to be a very inclusive one, Wheelchairs and prosthetics are clearly an advantage in the officer classes!

Germanic, steam powered, Mini-gun equipped, terminators FTW!

This man has yet to earn his prosthesis

Tesla Bayonettes. Win


More Yankees!

Yankee Officer!

I like them, but the guns seem a little small, un-American to utilize a stereotype.

Kingdom of Britannia Knights Templar

For England, Harry and St. George! Knight Templar = Yum!

Empire of the Blazing Sun Ryuma Steambike

Very possibly my favourite of the bunch. Samarai Steambike! Sounds like an ’80s cartoon!

Check out the spartan blog for more information on all of those as well as this…

The Fresnel Class Support Cruiser is a new and terrible weapon that has only recently been encountered amongst the fleets of the Frozen South.

The warship is, in most respects of a conventional design, if you can ever call a ship of the Covenant Ghost Fleet in any way conventional. However, the rather considerable exception to this is the energy weapon mounted atop the its spine.

Fresnel Class Support Cruiser

Fresnel Class Support Cruiser

From what can been gathered from photographic aeroplanes, this weapon is far more than a mere up-scaled energy weapon. Upon closer inspection one will see that the objects along the broadsides are not the unusual gun-spheres, but some kind of strange electrical apparatus. Likewise, the great turret atop the ship is not as it appears, whilst it has clearly been seen firing beams of radiant energy, it is not an energy turret, but a great, articulated assembly of lenses.

Fresnel Class Support Cruiser

The only rational conclusion that can be drawn with these facts is that the Fresnel is nothing less than a water-borne focusing array for Covenant Energy Weapons. The beams fired from other vessels entering the ship by its sides, before being focused, refined and amplified into a single attack, far more powerful than the sum of its parts.

Annonnax Class Submersible

Annonnax Class Submersible

The Annonnax is without any doubt one of the strangest, most inconceivable and technologically advanced machines yet seen to come out of the Covenant of Antarctica.

Annonnax Class Submersible

The fighting machine’s existence has only been confirmed in the past few weeks, with multiple sightings of its use in combat along the northern cost, however for several months now there has been reports of weapons shipments coming under fatal attack from supposed ‘sea monsters’.

Annonnax Class Submersible

From the information that has been gathered, and from ample speculation by the scientific community, the following has been established. The Annonnax is a submersible, yet able to come aground and move like a writhing snake – making it equally at home travelling overground or underwater.

Annonnax Class Submersible

Although details are still uncertain, it appears that the great machine strikes at its prey – be it a warship or a tank – by ramming it and attacking with its great mechanical maw.

Annonnax Class Submersible

It also appears to have some kind of powerful energy weapon, although any exact details of this are unknown at this time, as regrettably, no one who has yet encountered the weapon at close range has survived to report back.

Annonnax Class Submersible

Annonnax Class Submersible vs. Ika Class Mechanical Squid



Studio Sparta release some groovy stuff!

Studio Sparta has released a selection of Dystopian Wars terrain thats sure to bring tons of extra flavour to your Dystopian table. Check this out…

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It’s not just brutal ground-pounding sci-fi military machines, mysterious Invaders from a distant world or monstrous Goliath giants that you will find in Studio Sparta. Our latest release introduces the fantasticSecret Military Island Base Set and Industrial Complex that can be used to enhance your Dystopian Wars battles! These sets are a new venture for Studio Sparta as we investigate the coming together of vac form components with highly detailed resin and pewter models. Watch out for more products after this initial limited run.

These models will be shipping from 15th October 2012. From today, you can place your advance orders in the Studio Sparta Online Store to ensure you do not miss out on these exciting new releases.

Military Island Base Set

Hidden inside the remains of a destroyed volcano is a military installation that will make any Dystopian Wars commander proud. Three lightweight vac form islands allow you to create the volcanic shape, but you don’t have to use the shape we have chosen. Sitting inside the islands are a resin and pewter military/scientific building that can house anything you want: new weapons, tesla science projects, top level commanders, scientists, Queen Victoria… or any other vital asset you want to hide away.

NOTE: The vac form islands you can see above have been dressed with additional ‘sand’ and ‘flock’ prior to being painted. The islands each average 16.5″ in length.

We have initially created 250 sets, so grab one while you can.

Above you see the array of resin and pewter drop-ons that you can use with the islands to create your secret military base. They range from the gun platforms (bottom right) to shield generators (top left) and an observation tower (top right). But let’s not forget the large military building that dominates the centre of the islands – guns and cranes, what more can you ask for!

Click here to learn more about the Military Base Island Set.

Industrial Complex

Taken from Storm of Steel!

This terrain was created for use with a scenario in the Storm of Steel Campaign Guide that recently launched for Dystopian Wars. It is designed to represent a strategic industrial complex that opposing armies can either capture or destroy. The set can be used on land or as an island Industrial Complex in your Naval games.

Click here to learn more about the Industrial Complex Island Set.

A FREE Rules PDF for these Sets will be made soon be made available on the Studio Sparta website.

The Shellcase Shorts 10! Awesome prizes to be won!

The Shellcase Shorts competition has hurtled its way through the year netting some very impressive stories as well as the stuff I managed to win with! I’m hoping to get a third win for number 9 but i  seem to recall adding a somewhat pointless battle scene. Anyway, we now come to the start of No. 10 which has a truly awesome prize….

“We’ve made it to double digits and we’re hurtling towards the end of the year. That means only two more competitions after this one and another step closer to the Shell Case Shorts Anthology.

I’m taking a slightly different tack with this month’s prize, paying forward some extraordinary generosity showed to me by those fine chaps at Studio Sparta. I refer to the two Firestorm Invasion start sets they sent me to review. To keep both would simply be greedy so the prize is nothing less than the Dindrenzi Federation kickstart” set.

So sharpen those pencils/keyboards and get writing!

Firestorm Invasion – Reviewed!

Phils at it again with his latest review! Firestorm Invasion is under the spotlight this time around. This is a game that I will be reviewing at some point as my local group has shown interest in it, something of a rare occurrence. Though I still have a mighty backlog to work through with Heavy Gear Blitz, Gruntz, Relics, a proper Dystopian Wars review, Dreadball at some point. There is just to much!

Firestorm Invasion

More from the Studio Sparta webstore about Firestorm Invasion…


FIRESTORM INVASION is our view of ground-based warfare in the FIRESTORM ARMADA galaxy, but the way we have approached the concept of enacting brutal ground-based combat is, we think, somewhat different to what you are normally offered. If you think about it, the act of invading a planet is not a simple one! To fully subdue your enemy during a military campaign we think you’ll need to embrace three key Phases of game play:

PHASE 1) This is the brutal ground-pounding side of combat using massive forces of tanks, ground attack craft, mechanical walkers and heavily armoured infantry. This is the part of the invasion when you use your major assets to smash your enemy, this isn’t about pretending you are taking a planet with 10 tanks – this is the part when you tactically deploy waves of armour to clear the way before you, pulverising any fool who stands in your way. We call this PLANETFALL and it will be presented using 10mm scale miniatures.

PHASE 2) Once you’ve smashed your enemy with a lightning strike, it’s time to take, and then hold, those vital enemy hotspots. This could be fighting over a military base, entering the ruins of a devastated city, or some other strategic objective. This is where your highly trained infantry, with armoured support, come into their own. We call this CONQUEST and it will be presented using 15mm scale miniatures.

PHASE 3) Lastly, but by no means least, comes the gritty art of daring special operations. Small teams of highly trained troops going man-to-man against the best your enemy can throw at you. Capture a bunker, rescue hostages, eliminate a target or destroy a shield generator – this is what your elite troops trained for. We call this SPECIAL OPS and it will be presented using 28mm scale miniatures. What this means is that the miniatures of FIRESTORM INVASION will grow to include a range of scales, 10mm, 15mm and 28m being the most common, with rules sets designed to match the level of game play. This way you can pick which element of the sprawling conflict you want to play out, or enact the entire campaign from the first landing of massed armour from space, to the final clean up and suppression of resistance with your elite troopers. We’re not saying you have to play all of the scales, the choice really is yours here, but for those players looking to consistently game through the scales we have designed our models to match no matter what level of game play you elect to embrace.

Take a look at our model renders to see how much detail and quality we’ve crammed into our military vehicles and infantry. One question we get asked is ‘what style of science-fiction is Firestorm Invasion?’ Well the answer to this is ‘hard’. Not as in the answer is hard to give, rather we call it Hard Sci-Fi, which to us means believable – a future that could exist, where warfare has developed from what we know today. These are futuristic military vehicles and die-hard battlefield warriors all ready to be sent out on their strategic missions, all part of a much higher level campaign. So how does it fit together? Another fine question, and an easy one to answer. We use a concept that we call a Narrative-Driven Campaign to roll out rules and models to you. At the heart of each campaign will be an exciting storyline and this will allow us to develop the Campaign for you, and by embracing the use of multiple model scales you, the gamer, can decide whether massed armoured action is what you want to game, or whether infantry action is more akin to your gaming style.

There will be three initial Campaign settings rolled out to you: (1) Desert World, (2) Jungle World and (3) Ice World. Each of these will bring two races from the Firestorm Armada galaxy to the gaming table. The release of miniatures will follow the flow of how we see an invasion developing: Planetfall, Conquest and Special Ops. As the three scales are rolled out short stories, expanded narrative, scenarios, battle reports and more will develop on our web site. We’re going to actively encourage our gamers to share their own stories with us, to discuss their battles and fuel the development of the Campaigns. After all, this is your war too!


Planetfall SCALE: 10mm Massed Armour

COMBATANTS: Terran Alliance vs. Dindrenzi Federation

Tarxon VI is a savage planet where temperatures reach staggering levels during the day, and drops to icy lows at night, leaving it barren and scorched. But this world is resource rich. For many years the planet has been in the hands of the Terran Alliance, but now the Dindrenzi Federation wants it back and an invasion of epic proportion has begun. Three days of planetary bombardment has left the Federation wanting, the population of Tarxon VI remain safely ensconced below the surface in eco-cells, and the military are waiting inside vast bunker systems for the orbital assault to end, ready to deploy armour when the right moment comes. Well that moment has arrived, as the Dindrenzi Federation lands its giant invasion craft on the surface of this arid world, and wave after wave of fast assault armour head for vital targets around the globe.

Firestorm Invasion: Planetfall

This game setting allows you to play mass armoured combat with highly detailed, 10mm scale models. These include Main Battle Tanks, lightning fast VTOL craft and infantry in hulking mechanised Exo-Suits, all clashing on open desert plains and the outskirts of great underground cities on Tarxon VI. The emphasis is on fast paced action as your squadrons perform sweeping manoeuvres to claim and hold ground. Then, with your territory secured, you can call on your waves of reserves to crush the enemy with a devastating hammer blow. PLANETFALL rewards forward planning and decisive tactics. A series of Scenarios will encompass the varied nature of these engagements, and each will require fresh strategies to shatter your foe. Your choices will start when assembling your forces for the task at hand: you might want ranks of towering weapons platforms with automated sentry systems to defend an important location, large Squadrons of mechanised infantry to seize a crucial building, or gargantuan behemoths bristling with weaponry to sunder your opponent’s front line. This done, you will formulate your battle plan; assessing the layout of objectives and analysing their risk/reward ratio so you know where to focus your troops and how to get them there. Do you drop from orbit to slam straight into the action, but risk heavy incoming fire? Or do you push forward in a tide of armour and smash your foes aside? Then, with your plan ready and the board set, it is time to roll the dice!

Firestorm Invasion: Planetfall

The action will be lightning fast and deadly, as high-explosive shells and plasma filled rail gun slugs pierce shields and rip armour apart. You will need to think on your feet to foil your opponent’s plans whilst achieving your own battlefield objectives. Commander, ready your forces and brief your commanders… the invasion has begun! Keep checking back for more details and images as new models are added to this exciting game.

The Invaders

From Spartan Games “Studio Sparta” webstore

INVADERS They came from outer space… and landed in Studio Sparta! We love Victorian super science fiction. We also love the idea of alien invaders descending to Earth and obliterating all who dare to stand before them! Sooner or later, we knew we would bring these two things together and so the idea of the Invaders was born. In the best tradition of aliens everywhere, we saw them landing on Earth and, well, you get the picture…

We’ve designed the Invaders to be a fun concept for gamers to add something different to their playing experience, and you don’t really need us to tell you that they work superbly well in the Dystopian Wars world. Although they are not part of the core timeline of the Dystopian world, they offer you a chance to create a wonderful new facet of Victorian super science fiction. If you’ve ever wanted to play out a classic War of the Worlds scenario in the alternate world of Dystopian Wars, now is your chance. The current Invaders range consists of their intimidating Walker war engines and swarms of insect-like flying support craft. However, over time we will add more varied and different units to this baseline as ideas emerge from our suitably deranged minds! Our intention is that you will be able to field whole armies of these strange, deadly bio-mechanical creations. But it’s not only in Dystopian Wars where the Invaders can walk.

The models have been designed to fit comfortably with almost any scale of miniature. Just imagine the Invaders attacking units of 15mm scale Firestorm Invasion Terran infantry, or marvel as 10mm scale Dindrenzi armour is pulverised by devastating weapon systems onboard an Invader Hive ship.

You could even see crack teams of 28mm soldiers and reckless scientists taking on a mysterious new threat. When you stand a 28mm scale miniature next to an Invader medium class Walker it looks very cool. No gaming table is safe from their relentless march! Go on, indulge yourself…