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We Are The Champions My Friends


Long overdue for a resculpt, the new Trollkin Champions continue the trend towards plastic models from Privateer. Makes me pleased I haven’t got any yet. These will mean a lighter bag and models that look beefy enough to be the champs they are.


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Long Time No Post…

Alright, long time is something of an understatement. I apologise for the lack of posting. this is mainly due to a new job, lack of a PC, I’m typing this on my tablet at the moment, as well as generic real life being a bitch. So what should i post about? Theres so much i haven’t covered its probably best to not try and catch up, that way madness lies. So i think a general hobby update is the way to go.

On My Table

My recent hobby related activity has been Warmahordes as per usual. I have been snapping up ebay bargains left right and centre for my Menite forces. This is my second go at Menoth and thus far I’ve been picking up all the stuff I didn’t get previously. Last time i was all about the Flameguard, i did not have a single Exemplar. This time however i have nothing but Exemplars! I’m loving the medium bases and seriously looking forward to the upcoming Bastion Seneschal. I have gone for a purple colour scheme for my guys which i will show off below. Christmas saw me getting, initially the circle Gargantuan, bless my wifes effort, which i was able to swap for a Judicator. I love it and need to fight the urge to put it in every list i make! My current caster of choice is Kreoss2 and i need to keep with him until i have a certain level of competency but new shineys pull at my attention. I will be converting myself a Kreoss2 from the plastic Kreoss1 and have been picking up crusaders on the cheap for conversions of Fires of Salvation and a Guardian jack.        


 photo DSC_0011-1.jpg

 photo DSC_0007-1.jpg

Sorry for the poor quality

The Gargantuans book has been released and although I dont have it presently I do have War Room and thus all the Trollbloods new stuff available to see. I love me some Epic Grim! One of the first Warlock units available and definately the most characterful, I will be picking him up as well as the Trollkin Warders. I rather like the look of the night troll as well. Unfortunately anyone being vocal about these things that iv seen, mainly on the PP forums, is being negative about the troll releases. In fact the Trollbloods forum seems to be the Cygnar forum of the Hordes forums, endlessly complaining. Not that I’ve really read the other forums

The other distraction I have is the new Warmachine faction, The Convergence of Cyriss. luckily these are not released yet but my wallet has a wary look about it.

Thats about it for now, just a quick update and some self gratifying pictures to show off. Now if you’ll excuse me, i have some conversions to work on whilst i should be doing housework.


A Thought Occurred…

Whilst at work today a thought struck me about my beloved Warmachine/Hordes. There are those that state it is to cartoony for them. Looking at the Trollbloods faction I can certainly see that point of view has some validity to it. But I find myself wondering if this might be part of the appeal of the game? Looking at the concepts and a lot of the artwork I find my mind drifting back to such  pleasures as Visionaires, Bravestar and other classic 80’s cartoons from my childhood. It seems to me that Warmachine has massive potential as a cartoon series, something akin to the new Thundercats cartoon that came along recently. Look at the art for the Cygnaran Trencher Commandos…

They feel like they could be in a popular cartoon series like those mentioned above. Its something I would watch today, so long as it wasn’t on a channel I had to pay extra for. I don’t know if this would detract from some peoples enjoyment of the game, I’m sure there are those that would cry out in horror at the prospect. I put it to you however that there are far worse things that have been made into cartoons that have done very well indeed…

I realise this is the second time I have used this cartoon in a post. It is not one I watched….    …Honest….     …Stop looking at me like that!

Now obviously a cartoon for warmachine would not look anything like the 80’s monsters of my childhood, Cartoon Technology has vastly improved since we had to watch people with the facial definition of an early Action Man flying through the air killing the baddies. Now-a-days we would look at the joys of this…

…with no small amount of derision. These days though…

compares very nicely to its first incarnation

Where anatomy often seemed to be a secondary consideration.

But I digress…  When I look at my favorite Warmachine and Hordes units and characters my mind is always cast back in this way and this is what made me think that just maybe those fellows at Privateer Press are quite heavily influenced by the greats of the 80’s. Heres a little Imagination experiment for you… 


Replace the characters in the Thundercats with some characters from the Iron Kingdoms. How “Lion’o” is Stryker?


Aside from the Gun and Armour its all quite close. There are setting differences here obviously but I think you would not find it hard to transplant the 2 characters in your mind and put Lion’o in the Iron Kingdoms and Stryker somewhere on Third Earth. Its not a strenuous mental exercise. Just something to give you an idea of whats running through my head.

In all frankness, a Warmachine/Hordes Cartoon would work far better for Privateer than for anything GW make, with the possible exception of Bloodbowl.  Anyway I think I’m starting to rant. I apologise if this post is a little disjointed. Unfortunately this is often the way my brain works. Therefore I will leave you with images from Warmachine and Hordes for you to put into cartoons…

Seriously. Cryx would make excellent cartoon baddies!

TROLL! …BLOODS! I painted some stuffs!

Greetings comrades! This day I bring you the fruits of my very own labours. My fledgling Trollbloods force has come to prominance over my Angry Elves, partly because they are just more interesting to paint, partly because they are much more fun to play. The Tough rule is one that has favoured me over the years of playing. Temple Flameguard with the Piper, Rhupert, have survived droves of incoming damage, far more than they had any right to. Steelhead Halberdiers (with the piper again) took hit after hit always surviving long enough to grant the Steelhead Cav the flank bonus. I have eventually realised that this is clearly a sign. A sign that an army full of Tough troops is the one for me. Obviously now that I have them I cannot pass a tough roll for the life of me. Cruel indeed are the Dice Gods. I did discover a love of the Trollbloods that endures despite the fact they die quicker than the Steelheads ever did. Seems I used all the tough rolls up but I love Tough as a rule anyway. It annoys people and sometimes, people need annoying.

But enough of my blathering! Here is what I have managed to paint thus far. Its not a lot but its progress!

Those get added to me previous efforts…

Can not wait for The Hunters Grim!

So there you have it. Obviously they still need some basing materials to finish them off but I am very happy with what I have here. Really ought to paint one of my units. I have Kriel Warriors and Burrowers. I will have Fenn Blades and suspect my Kriel warriors will fall by the wayside when I do. Does that mean I better get on with them or should I not bother with the effort? The Burrowers look fun to paint and I KNOW they are fun to play, in the right army anyways.


…Maybe I’ll just piant Epic Madrak instead.


Something of a quandry…

It’s been quite a while since I did any actual “Blogging” on here. Mostly due to time constraints I have found myself only really being able to reblog other peoples stuff. Far from an ideal situation I’m sure you will agree. So what could have motivated me to do some real blogging on the stupidly hot day? Its this…

The Menite Colossal, Judicator. He’s all kinds of delicious and I want him. I had a Menite army once. It was quite big really. I had gotten nowhere near investigating everything they had to offer but I felt bored by them. It was clearly foolish of me to turn my back on the creator. Had I kept the faith I would have an army ready for one of these bad boys. As it stands I am without my Epic feora and other sundries. This has made me a sad panda. Forgetting the rules for a moment, it is easily the best looking one I have seen thus far. Mountain King was the holder of that title. I’m not sure I even want to carry on with the fledgling Trollblood force I have started building now. Don’t get me wrong, I am loving them. Jarl is a boss and I do want a Mountain King. But I have my Retribution steadily growing. I love Ossyan and Garryth. Hyperion looks great and has great rules but my interest has drained completely on seeing the shapes of the Judicator. I….     I just….     WANT!   ….Is that so wrong?

The quandry comes in the form of what the hell I can lose to A) Fund a Menite Army and B) Make room for a 3rd standing faction. This blog causes additional issues as well. There is much I want to play and review here for you folks. I have the, not cheap, Dropzone Commander to start; Dystopian Wars; Gruntz; Heavy Gear Blitz; Relics and oh so many others. Dystopian Legions has just shown up as well for goodness sake. Its a bad time to be a wargamer with no money let me tell you! so what should I lose? Where should I start? I’m thinking the the 2 player starter will get me somewhere and I may be able to share the cost with someone. But I put to you oh wargaming world, should I lose one of my Warmachine/Hordes factions? It would free up the space I need for sure, It would supply some coinage to get me back in as well. Not much certainly but enough to get me rolling. Then I can beg for money for my birthday, sell kidneys (possibly even my own)  and save up for my wonderful, my shiney, my….   PRECIOUS!!

Let me know through the comments what you suggest…


More Trolls From Privateer Press…

Comrades, Today we have yet more brought to you by Privateer Press…

I really like this guys looks. And his rules as well!

This isn’t a Troll but is worth mentioning…

Then there is this little gem…

[Welcome to] Level 7

Coming Soon From Privateer Press…

So comrades, the newest and longestest awaited news from Privateer has to be this:

You are a captive of Subterra Bravo, imprisoned in the facility’s deepest laboratory, the hall of nightmares known as LEVEL 7. Your singular goal is to escape, but to do that you will have to evade the human and inhuman denizens of this subterranean labyrinth before the entire base is locked down, sealing you in for the rest of your short, tormented life. Will you work together with your fellow prisoners to endure Subterra Bravo’s endless perils, or will you use them to secure your own escape? Ultimately, your chances of survival will depend on how well you manage your greatest weapon, which is also your greatest threat: fear itself.

LEVEL 7 [ESCAPE] is a semi-cooperative, story-driven survival-horror board game for 1–4 players with nerves of steel and a willingness to confront the impossible.


  • 47 Map Tiles
  • 138 Cards
  • 4 Character Sheets
  • 133 Tokens and Markers
  • 28 Stands
  • 8 Special Dice
  • Rulebook
  • Scenario Guide


Next up we have these guys…

Alas not a resculpt but a rebox. Then…

Despite the little bits of nay-saying about him. I want one. Badly. *Googles going rate for black market kidneys*

All of a sudden, this happened!

We all knew it was coming. I was expecting Trolls in it though. Not sure why.

And there you go, all up to date and lovely!

King of Mountians…

Good morning folks. Not having a fully operating computer at the moment really sucks. It makes posting som much more difficult! For that reason I must apologise for the tardiness with which I present you with this…






Oh so big and lovely! For those not “in the know” This is the first of the Hordes Gargantuans to be revealed. This is the Moutain King and he looks awesome.

More from Privateer Press…

An absolute acre of plastic fantastic from Privateer today. Boxsets galore! First up are the Cryxian “crabjacks”. These three will all feature in a multi-part plastic box set like all the other plastic Jacks thus far released and will mean you can now field your Desecrators…

Next up we have the new starter battle boxes for Hordes. How the models appear is down to personal taste but I think they all look fine…

On the subject of Skorne releases, We have the (presumably) plastic Cyclops Raider and looks VERY similar to the plastic Savages above…

Then we have the last of the mulit-part plastic heavy warbeast kits, Titans!

As a slight difference to the other heavy kits these all look really nice. I cannot tell for sure but I think the Sentry is the same as the metal kit, otherwise I don’t think the remaining ones look better or worse, whereas the others seem to have one better, one the same and one worse. Privateer may be moving into another mad releases schedule which keep us all busy and hurts the wallets like hell!


Privateer Press updates…

Today a little more detail on Warmachine: Colossals. Mercilesly ripped from The Lost Hemisphere

Cygnar Get this little beauty, named Stormwall. Honking great cannons, Armpit Miniguns and…

…Electric Torpedoes!

Rampant speculation aboud as to what they do!.

Khador gets Conquest. It is a monster.

Lovely artwork. My only gripe here is the winterguard in the full picture are looking away from the empress for some reason…?

…It is as wide as the Legion battle engine is tall… Just, good god!

Menites get artwork only at present for Judicator

…Flamethrowers and missiles. But of course.

Cryx get a wierd thing…

…Called Kraken. I don’t really like the look of it.

Retribution get this beast, Hyperion

…Massive wrist blades = Win so far as I’m concerned.

Privateer Shocker! Mercs count as a faction!

Galleon. Not much is known about it. But Rhulics can’t have it.

Finnally there was a cheeky sneak of what is thought to be the Trollblood equivilent of a colossal. Seems Mulg wasn’t the biggest Troll afterall.


Catching up on Privateer new and upcoming releases I bring you first, something of a surprise…

Black Dragon Iron Fang Pikemen Officer and Standard! This is the first ever alternate UA Privateer have released and opens the gates for more to come! These are only available from the Privateer Press online store and the blister has alternate shields for the Iron Fangs as well as an alternate banner and cards. You will need an Iron Fang Pikemen unit and the standard unit attachment to use these. They are already available!

Next it this most terrifying of light warjacks. I for one am not looking forward to having a bunch of these leaping towards me and evaporating my infantry!

Next we have the following Bodgers releases…

Heap is the madcap game of vehicular mayhem where the player who cobbles together the most outrageous vehicles wins!

Each player plays a gang of crazed goblins that have traveled across the post-apocalyptic wasteland in broken-down vehicles to converge on a gigantic heap of long-discarded scrap – perfect ingredients for demented automotive modification. In arena-style bouts, each gang selects its champion driver to storm the heap and duke it out for the best parts to upgrade their vehicles. Be first to trick out your vehicles and dominate the final pileup to rule the heap!

Infernal Contraption is a fun-fueled stand-alone card game of mechanical mayhem for 2-4 players where goblin bodgers race to assemble their nigh-uncontrollable machines of mass consumption!

In this newly revised and expanded edition, you assume the role of a goblin bodger scrambling to construct a maniacal machine that will consume the resources of the other bodgers. This edition also includes cards from theInfernal Contraption: Sabotage!Expansion, so throw a wrench in your opponents’ plans and watch the resulting madness!

Thats it for now! Keep checking back as I will post other stuff I come across if I can