Boy Do I Suck At This…

Blogging. I used to find it quite easy to do regularly. It is well over a year since my last post. Real life does its thing and obstructs all. Since my last post, based on a little look into the chemtrail conspiracy theory, there have been a multitude of changes. Several job changes have occured and recently a large house move to Wales has happened and we are just about settled in at this point. Hobby wise this has meant I have lost my gaming group and regular friday gaming sessions. On the plus side it also means a whole new group to play with and I have graduated from a corner under the stairs for hobbying all the way up to what is effectively a full hobby workshop! As far as games go, the Age of Sigmar situation that was has settled it seems and GW appear to have learned and improved the way they do things, which is refreshing to see from them.

I have the New 40k on order with imperial forces being mustered together in the form of Astra Militarum as well as some Skitarii, I have a marine force assembled for Horus Heresy which will double up as a 40k marine force further expanding my Imperial forces as well as an Imperial knight to bring the heavy hurt. Shadow War Armageddon has been a staple recently and is the reason I have any Skitarii at all. I have started gathering terrain and started building my own gaming table for use in my workshop.

I am presently unemployed and doing the house husband thing again so I’m hopeful I will be able to get the blog running again properly but we will have to see because, as stated already, I’m kinda bad at this.

Conspiracy Theory: Chemtrails

Whats the Deal?

Contrails, or condensation trails, are “streaks of condensed water vapor created in the air by an airplane or rocket at high altitudes.” According to the chemtrail conspiracy theory, long-lasting trails left in the sky by high-flying aircraft are Chemical and/or Biological agents deliberately sprayed for sinister purposes undisclosed to the general public. Believers in the theory argue that normal contrails dissipate relatively quickly, and contrails that do not dissipate must contain additional substances. Because of the popularity of this theory official agencies across the world face regular enquiries from the public demanding an explanation. The chemtrails are thought to be used for various nefarious purposes such as weather control; population control; psychological manipulation; solar radiation management; suoer-weapon preparation (more on this another time); even biological/chemical warfare.

Where did it come from?

According to Wikipedia the conspiracy started some time in the 1990’s by investigative journalists and was then picked up and promoted by radio personalities on late night radio. USAF officials were accused of spraying “mysterious substances” on the US public. This was evidenced with trails that lasted longer than “normal contrails”. In Canada, a petition was lodged with the Canadian government concerning the “adverse health effects of high altitude aerial spraying”. They responded stating: “There is no substantiated evidence, scientific or otherwise, to support the allegation that there is high altitude spraying conducted in Canadian airspace. The term ‘chemtrails’ is a popularised expression, and there is no scientific evidence to support their existence.” Official statements on the non-existence of chemtrails have not discouraged the conspiracy theorists however.


As one of the more popular conspiracies out there, there is a lot of support for it. Whilst on holiday in Wales, visiting the tallest waterfall in Wales, I encountered a tourist information wrack. Normally stuffed with info on other attractions that are nearby, I found that each section had a small leaflet stuck in the front about chemtrails. This was a while ago now and I no longer have it (as I took one) otherwise I would show you it. Here are some links to supporters websites and videos:


Alongside the hardcore believers, there are those that will equally vehemently cry “No!” Sometimes they can be quite vitriolic! I find it odd the level of trouble some people will go to to disprove something another person believes. OFten than for no other reason than “because”

So there you have it. The first Conspiracy Theory I thought I would share with you. Let me know what you think. Is “The Government” spraying chemicals into the atmosphere? Is it part of a plan to depopulate the planet? Or a weapon used against Aliens in a secret war? Feel free to comment! Personally, I’m open minded about it. I would say its possible something is being sprayed about in the air. But I feel its way more likely to be rubbish. The government cannot keep their own expenses secret after all.


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Quite clearly its been a while since I have been able to utilize some decent equipment to allow me to make any kind of post. Now, however I have a chromebook which will allow for much greater regularity on the posting front.

So, what have I been up to? Well quite a lot really. On the Warmachine front its all change.I have moved from Circle Orboros and back into Mercs in the form of the excellent Cephalyx with a growing hive mine to command.I have Pigs in the planning stages, sort of. The Privateer Press forum has a Secret Santa underway that I have joined in with, I requested a Pig Warlock for my prezzy. I will hopefully show what I am painting for this as well as some of my Cephalyx.

Warzone is underway for me as well. Cybertronic being the chosen faction. This has fallen by the wayside though as my group has taken up some historical Bolt Action ….erm…. …action. Japan is where I have gone with this with a sizeable force already assembled and ready for paint. I have also FINALLY picked up some Dropzone Commander via a shared 2 player boxed set. Really struggling with a colour scheme for the Scourge models I have and I have not yet managed to get a game in so I cannot report back on the game itself as yet. Same goes for Bolt Action. Had a try out game with some germans which was not played properly at all!

My man cave is no more. Alas I chose to give it up to become storage space. Got me some brownie points with “She who must be obeyed” at any rate. As a result painting has ground to a halt for the most part.


Something not wargaming related, I have been looking at in my spare time is conspiracy theories. Which is not to say that I necessarily believe any of them. I consider myself open minded enough to not laugh (not always anyway) but I have always been fascinated by the various things out there that people have not explain  or for whatever reason have decided to attach some kind of bizarre explanation to something simple. So I will from time to time post something about a theory that piques my particular interest. Don’t judge me, but do share opinions!

#warmongers Miniswap 2014 – Update!


warmongers miniswap 2014

Time for an update on the #warmongers #miniswap for 2014!

Lots of activity going on and some have even completed their models! Others are in transit (sorry Darren, it is on its way!) and some are preparing to swap after a false start.

Anyway, here are some shots of the minis swapped thus far:


Miniature for Jay (@souljacker1974) painted by Patrick

patrick-by-Jaynffc-complete1Miniature for Patrick, painted by Jay

And some unpainted swaps that have already taken place:


My miniature to paint for Darren (@darrenbogus)


Wouter-for-richardWouter’s (@woutertje_l) miniature, being painted by Richard(@Tango_Taylor)

 So, as you can see, lots of fun things being swapped back and forth and plenty of progress going on. Keep the wip shots coming in miniswappers and I’ll do another update post soon – hopefully with some proper progress of my own to show off!

– Rob

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Mordheim Video Game


Mordheim_Intro_Logo As you know we are massive fans of Mordheim here at The Shell Case, so you can understand our excitement when the below image appeared on twitter with the announcement that a Mordheim Video Game was in production.

Mordheim Video Game

Mordheim City of the Damned is being Published by Focus Home Interactive and Developed by Rogue Factor.

We don’t know much more at this stage other than it will be a strategy RPG with a solo and multiplayer mode.

Mordheim Video Game 2

Mordeheim Video Game 3

Watch this space for updates.

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Cryx progresses…







Behold, my fall into Cryxian madness progresses. I am a little behind strictly speaking but have Denny finished and the bases completed this week means that I will then be ahead slightly in the painted model stakes.

Tutorial – Stamp your Milliput

The Wargaming Bear

Over on Massive Voodoo, there is a nice little basing tutorial about stamping Milliput to get different effects, like this;

Fancy seeing some more? Then you know what to do. click on the link.

Tutorial – Stamp your Milliput

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New Teams for Dreadball Announced



It’s fair to say that things over at Mantic are moving at a frenetic pace, so here’s hoping that we can keep up. They have just released their first ever non Kickstarter backed supplement; Galactic Tour Series: Azure Forest, which Mantic have hinted will be the first of many. Their focus has now firmly shifted back to Kickstarter where it all began and the launch of Dreadball Xtreme. Having now exceeded their pledge goal, Mantic have 2 extra teams to unlock early as part of Dreadball Season 6. They have released initial concept art for both teams and they look like they will pose very different challenges to the existing teams.

Introducing the Koris, a bunch of aliens from another dimension with a real grudge against the Asterians.


They are a team with a real bad attitude and access to some awesome looking technology, which early reports suggest will…

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Hearing the Call…

Recently my local gaming group decided to start a Journeyman league. Peoples reasons for taking part varied greatly, from wanting to have everyone at the same level for games in terms of faction knowledge, to just wanting to have the motivation to get things painted. Personally I needed (Yes, needed) to have a Warmachine faction, since I already have a Hordes one and this seemed like the perfect way to get it going. I am very much a leaf on the wind. I have a tendancy to go for whatever shiney thing the wind is blowing at at the time, and this was certainly no different for me. The announcement of the Cephalyx coming out was one that definately excited me. They are not out for a while yet so how could I tie in to this now without needing to start a whole new faction? Simple! Go for Cryx! Now I had a cryx army before and I was  not excited at getting it all painted so what to do about this? Enter the theme. During a chat amongst the group on facebook chat we were shown a Cthulhu themed Plague marine force for 40k which looked really good. Seeming this made me think that a Cthulhu themed Cryx army was the way forward. With that in mind I have started on my battlebox and thought I would show the progress I have made with the Cthulian Cryx army…

sorry for those last 2 but you get the idea.

Astra Militarum Leaks – Ogryns, Bullgryns and a Hydra

Ramblings from The Trenches


The internet has been abuzz with some pictures of the forthcoming Astra Militarum (eventually I’ll get used to the name) new dual plastic kit that finally brings Ogryns back into the game without the need for one to take out a second mortgage. They can also be built as a more heavily armoured Bullgryn variant.

The photos appear to be from a forthcoming Warhammer Visions edition, I suspect the May one. Here they are.






Also appearing is the first ever fully plastic Hydra Flak Tank. As an unapologetic Tread Head I’ll certainly be getting a few of these babies!


Roll on April!

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